1304 Calgary Trl Nw
Edmonton, AB T6J

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I was staying at the Ellerslie Motel at 1304 Calgary Trail NW in Room 221. I noticed after the second night that I had over 100 bites. This occurred Sept 25 2008 I pulled the bedding back and found an infestation of bedbugs (over 30 just on the top of the mattress). I have looked all over the internet to see who this should be reported to and haven't found any sites. How will this ever stop if this guy whom I argued with, can just rent out the room to someone else. I have destroyed all my cl

othes and will have to figure out what to do with my laptop, as I don't want to lose $800.00 on that also. I have quarantined my vehicle also until I can fumigate that too. Somebody should be held responsible for this, especially when the motel owner knows of his infestation. Places like this should be shut down and fumigated, not left open so some poor unsuspecting traveler can take them home. This is disgusting. I took photographs for proof as I would suggest anyone do. What are the steps I should follow to report this so no one else has to go through what I went through?

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