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We moved in last March and two months later in May I had bites all over. We thought that it was mosquito bites but unbeknownst to us they were bed bugs. We received a notice saying someone will be coming to spray for the bugs that same month.

They came, they sprayed. In July, the bugs showed up again and we were sprayed once more. I can understand them having to come twice to get rid of the eggs that hadn't hatched but the bugs appeared two weeks after the spray and after they came with

the dog that apparently sniffs them out. We were told we were bug free but to our dismay it wasn't true.

This situation continued for the following three months and in November we were sprayed for the third time. Again they came with the dogs, said we were bug free but again in December they came to spray for the FOURTH time. We were told we were bug free once again but to be on medium to high watch for bed bugs. Of course they bugs showed again and they came in January to spray for a FIFTH time.

I don't understand how the landlords and management company have the nerve to rent these apartments with full knowledge of this major issue. It's been 10 months and the problem is still here. As you may read from other posts, this problem has been around for 4 years yet people are still conned into renting the apartments.

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Recently,my boyfriend and I moved into this apartment on Jan 04. We were really happy, our landlord is awesome and it was great to move into an apartment together.

The bed bugs didn't show up until much later. I bought a hamster (this apartment allows small pets such as birds, fish and etc)and started to find these weird rashes on my arm. My boyfriend thought that it was the hamster and that maybe he had some sprays on him from the petstore that I had an allergic reaction to, or that I was al

lergic to the hamster itself. But I started to get bites on places that I didn't let my hamster crawl on. I started to get bit on my hip, behind my knee, and even on my feet (those bites are the most annoying)We were told that the apartment was being sprayed for bugs, but they didn't specify what. Two days ago, we passed an apartment on the upper level that had a sticky note on it saying "your locks were changed due to an emergency." Our apartment is just across the hall from this one.When I was telling my boyfriends mom and showed her the bites, she said it was bed bugs. I still haven't seen one of the little bastards but I'm positive that its bed bugs. I've been looking for nearly two weeks to figure out what these damn bites are from and they are identical to bed bug bites.

It is frustrating to me to find out that the bed bugs have been here before and I had to go onto a website to find out. When the sprayers were here two days ago, I wasn't home, so they left a note saying that they would be back on Feb 06 to spray our apartment. I don't know if I can even wait that long! I want these things to burn in hell!

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On the top floor of this apartment I was doing laundry in the shared laundry facilities. I took my laundry into my room and placed in on my bed to be folded. Went out to the store and came back to find what appeared to be a bug on a pair of shorts. Bug would not come off. After catching the bug determined it was a bed bug through google. Called landlord and building managers. Came to spray but after spraying still found alive bedbugs 4 days later. Not sure how many treatments it will take. Dont

know where they are coming from.....found on both sides of apartment. Whole apartment building needs to be sprayed not just a few suites. Planning on moving at the end of the month and dont want to bring them along for the road.

P.S Building still continues to rent out infested suites to new tenants. Neighbouring tenants have moved out.

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I moved here from Sydney, Australia in mid-August. I barely knew what a bedbug was. I started getting one or two fiercely itchy spots every week or two that I blamed on adjusting to the hot dry summer here (how ironic) or maybe a new brand of soap. Then I saw the stories in the paper: BEDBUGS INVADE EDMONTON! Hmmm. Surely not. I decided to do a reconnaissance of my apartment, just in case.

I found one shed adult skin next to three tiny blobs of poo between the bedhead and the wall. (Nothing m

ore, anywhere, and, by god, did I search). This threw me into a frenzy of medieval horror which culminated in everything going through the dryer, dismantling all furniture and going over all seams, joins and skirting boards with hairdryer set to BLAZING INFERNO, and sealing the entire bed with industrial plastic sheeting and gaffer tape. Mmmm. Comfy.

The problem seemed to be solved, and repeated paranoid searches turned up not one speck more of evidence of the bitey little turds. Until this morning, when I saw that something had nocturnally savaged my finger. I squished the bloated culprit accidentally/luckily while pulling the bed out again. It's an insane thought, but maybe it was just the one guy all along- the attacks were very infrequent. And he's dead now. So hopefully that's it. (I kinda wish I'd given him a name. "Bloaty"- my tiny Canadian friend).

Where he came from is of more concern. He didn't come with me, and I have no idea where bedbugs would live in such a bare and modern apartment. I feel bad to suspect that my guy came from next door, but still do. What do I do? Knock, introduce myself and ask them if they have parasites? It just seems rude. (For this reason I am not mentioning my apt. number. Yet. If it turns out that Bloaty has pals, things will get serious).

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