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I was attacked everyday by bedbugs for the whole month of August I stayed at the International Hosteling. After the first night, I got these bites that were aligned and was very itchy. I have never seen a bedbug before so I brushed it aside until I saw a baby bedbug crawling on the bed. It's tiny and transparent. I searched in the internet and compared. it's looks exactly like a bedbug except it's transparent. The assistant manager insisted that it is not a bedbug. The next day, I saw an adult b

edbug crawling on the floor. It so happened that I was working at the Royal Alberta Museum so I gave it to my roommate who was working at insect lab to have it identified by the expert. My supervisor called the hosteling and they still denied until he said it was identified by an expert at the museum. The manager wasn't happy and instead of being apologetic, he kept on giving me this face that I should feel sorry for him that he has to deal with this bedbug infestation. My roommate and I got transferred to another room but it was worse. The hostel called in the pest control but the spray they used did not do anything to the bedbugs. In addition to getting bitten, I had to smell the horrible chemical they sprayed all over. I ended up having black marks all over my legs and arms, which is taking a long time to fade and it's over two months already!

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