3431 139 Ave Nw
Edmonton, AB T5Y

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This Apartment building was treated for bed bugs in July of this year. My husband lives in an apartment there while working in Edmonton. I am afraid that he might bring them home with him. He said management waited until the two apartments on either side of him had them. He had a blow up mattress so he may not have noticed them, while sleeping.

I live in Carmen building, property of Boardwalk.

Last year my apartment was sprayed against bedbugs because my neighbor got them (company spent 5 minutes in treating my apartment).
At that time there was no signs of bedbugs. I didn't get any bite. I had to be out of my place for 4 hours. 2 months after that my landlord notified me that my neighbor has bed bugs again (they didn't wash their stuff)! Not long after that I started to get reactions on bites.
Boardwalk company hired thermal com

pany to treat both apartments. Second day after treatment (I was told that thermal threat kills everything 100%) I had again bites on my body. First I thought that was an late reaction on bites, or some kind of allergy. After i found out that thermal treating on bed bugs may go wrong and actually not finish the job since bedbugs seek for cooler place to survive.

One night I was freaking out, stayed awake for long time then i actually find 2 bed bugs, one was on my bed trying to bite me, other one was crouching on the wall. Immediately I reported it to the landlord, she is an great women, but unfortunately limited with decisions about treatment and they decided only to spray apartment again. After, it will be 10 days by now, reading everything possible on internet about bed bugs I somehow figured out that spraying is not that good, I have to live next 3 months with all stuff in plastic bags, to make sure that nothing will get inside. Bed bugs may live in walls, holes, everywhere! They may go dormant up to 18 months.
Outside of building you may find somebody's bed thrown on garbage with sign on it "BED BUGS"
I found out that their second building, next to Carmen, Camelot has cases of bed bugs too.
Last year before bedbugs we had mouses. Holes in wall where goes heat pipe are that big that you can put your fist inside. I have no money to change my furniture, even that can't be guarantee that bed bugs are gone since they can be found in books, shoes, electronics (TV, PC, DVD).
I can't even move (if i save enough for that) because I will just take bedbugs in new place.
I pay now $950 per month for one bedroom apartment, more than i make per one pay stub, and I'm not able to get home after 12 hour shift, to have rest, dinner, sleep. After my 12 hours shift I do my laundry (of course you have to grab washer and dryer first since there is never enough of that here), vacuum every night in order to at least try to catch some of bed bugs. Not mentioning that every evening I need to spend $10 to do my laundry. And all of that because of somebody else? (My neighbor said that they get rid of bedbugs after thermal treatment, I just wonder is that true or he does not to dare to say truth since he was warned if bed bugs came back they will be evicted)
I asked for thermal treatment again.
Of course Boardwalk chose cheap solution for fixing the problem, they will send somebody to do spraying tomorrow.
This affects my life, my work, my peace and of course my wallet. And I still have to pay $950 per month for this place.
I hope that spraying will help, but those are just hopes, otherwise I don't know what to do, this makes me be so depressive but there is no more safe bed in my place that I can at least cry.

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