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Found bed bugs in my mattress while vacuming around it in early December. I ended up with 5 sets of Bedbug bites on my knee!!! Let LL and found out from my neighbor after going to warn them that the suite above them had bed bugs 1 month previous! My other neighbor 3 suites down from me told me she was on her 2nd spraying!! I was flabbergasted and angry that my LL had not warned all tenants and done a full building treatment on the 1st case!!I keep our suite very clean!!!We sealed up our mattress

and had to wait for a 1st treatment for 5 days. It took me a whole weekend to get my suite ready, washing bagging everything,moving all my furniture, I even started bleaching the baseboards as I didnt want them to spread from my room to my sofa bed my husband and I are now forced to sleep on in my living room! We have all our clothes in rubbermaid containers and feel like we live in total hell~!Anxiety, sleeplessness have followed. I threw out my mattress set which was a $550 Sealy set I bought new 2 years ago! My LL does not want to reimburse me for this even though it is their negligence. We undergo our 3rd treatment soon and I am getting sick and tired of living like this!!!People are moving out and I dont blame them!! If I could move now I would!!

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