16421 Stony Plain Rd Nw
Edmonton, AB T5P

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I caught at least 30 bed bugs in this buliding, Both adult and small ones. And also all my family got numerous bites, I want to move out ASAP. The treatment(spray) doesn't work at all. It's soooooooo terrible.

This building should be reported to alberta health because its full of bed bugs.I lost all my things furniture, bed, luggage because i need to throw it out. This building was full of bedbugs. I moved out 3 months ago because of bed bugs..i got bedbug bites..its so ridiculous..Stay away from this building..Disgusting

I recently moved out of this building and it was due to bed bugs. I found 2 adult bugs and found 1 small bug crawling up my leg. I also had numerous bites on my hands, arms, legs. I was living on the 5th(top) floor. I was also approached by others on the floor saying they had them as well. I know the east wing of the building is peppered with them. The landlord wants to spray instead of using heat treatment. The spraying doesn't work. It was sad because I lost most of my furniture. When people h

ave the bugs here they come right back into the building because people pick furniture from the dumpster. It may contain bugs.

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Sunrise suites has a problem with bed bugs on the 2nd and 3rd floors. I recently found a dead adult bed bug in the 4th floor laundry room. They are currently treating it but just the infected suites are being sprayed. Which usually you need to treat the adjacent apartments as well. If the owners course for bed bug's is the same as it for treating the cock roaches, I guess we are doomed. Stay away from this building. When you confront the owner/land lord, it is a game of denial.

We had bed bugs in our appartment building and had to move out.

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