10450 156 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5P

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feb 28 2012
hey I moved in a year ago and started getting itchy at night 3 months ago then started to see bits all over my body yuck. Man if you think this is like having ants or spiders or any other kinda bug in you place you dead wrong. this was a nightmage day and night work and home I didn;t want to go to bed no matter how tierd I was this place is discusting you dream your getting bit then you jump outta bed and its notta dream there running across you body. it got soo bad I had bits on my

face right near my eye.... just imagine that . bugz eating you and pooping your blood out all over you. it consumed my life its all I could think of all the time... lol I keep wanting to sware but Im scared it wont be posted then. the landlord is a total dead beat theve know for 3 years. or longer and just give you the run arounnd when you report it. ITS YOUR FAULT. YOU MUST NOT CLEAN YOU PLACE ENOUGHT. ya right. thank god Im moving out tomorrow I'm leaving all my stuff I mean everything. they life in everthing tvs lightswitches chaires couches computers I mean everything theys transfer to you close. I will miss my 60inch tv but you know its not worth it not for a minute. this was HELL x 10000000. I'm sorry there are no words to discribe this expirence. please pleae I 'm doing this because I can only hope that anyone applying to this place will reserce this before hand and not have to go though this hell. and if you think you can just clean periodicly and get rid of them YOU WRONG. YOU WRONG. they can live for up to a year with out feeding. you stuff if done. and if any managment tells you they have had the pplace fumigated and there gone get real they will always be there you think there gone but the just went to sleep for a while. I had an air mattress and I cleaned my sheet once a week kept it in garbage bags all day when niot in use and they still got me. go watch a video on how fast they move its terrifying, OK wellI guess thats enough for you to get the idea so dont take not having bed bugs for granted. hell I saw one run into the vent in my oven door one time. they dont smash they dont drown they superman bug it crazy NOW IM CRAZY!!! thats what it does to you you go nutz when you cant sleep. SOOOO anyways the place is called London place. you dont need to sign a lease, no credit cheak. hell I got my first month half off. sounds pretty good eh. ya thats what I thought now Im losing my damage deposit and have to moving in with a friend but lock I said I would rather throw out alll my clothes, bigsreen tv computers air matress then risk the chance of even bring one into my new place. I guess the breed like mad. I lived on the 3rd floor and two years ago some brave soal reported the hole 2nd floor was infested sooo. dont make the same mistake I did check the repots before you move in and dont trust dead beat landlords. once again 10450 156st NW LONDON PLACE. speak to the land lord dianne sweet of you need a place. the you can make out you rent check to 296915 Alberta ltd.

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Well I just found out that a suite in this building has been inspected and found to have bed bugs..They have been there for awhile and the tenant is covered in bites. I don't understand how the person didn't know with being covered in bites. They found them there in all 5 stages so they have been there a while. I am wondering shouldn't they be spraying all the suite's in the building or at least on that floor for them even though they have done thorough inspection and that was the only sutie to

have them.....I'm totally disgusted!!

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