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Moved in November 2014, within 1 month of living here, found a bedbug in my couch. Never in my life had bedbugs before, which means the previous tenant had them. This place apparently only treats sections of the building for bugs, but not the whole building. With this logic, how can you EVER eliminate the problem. During my three rounds of spraying, only found 1 more bedbug. Have lived in anxiety over it ever since, paranoid that every little razor bump or mosquito bite is actually a bedbug bite

, not to mention plagued by other types of pests like mice and other bugs, and a whole mess of plumbing problems. Luckily I haven't encountered anymore, but the people who live above me, and their adjacent neighbors, as well as the unit next to mine, are all being treated this week, and I am wondering why I am not, for prevention. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from this area of the city, and all buildings associated with this company. This will be the last time I ever rent with them, even if I have to pay higher rent.

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In October 2010 we saw notices for bedbugs in the building. We found bedbugs in our box-spring shortly thereafter. I believe the bugs are throughout the entire building as the first unit to be sprayed was on the far end. There was a continuous stream of mattresses at the dumpster the entire fall.

We once again found bed bugs in our unit this february, 2011. Management has been notified, but swift action won't likely happen.

We are moving. Don't move here. They refuse to spray the entire ap

artment or listen to concerns.

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I also live in the building and one of the tenant's was leaving on Saturday, November 30th due to the bb that may possibly in her suite. As she was moving she noticed that she had bed bugs on her new box spring and mattress after her apartment had been sprayed.

Last week (October 10 - 18, 2010) several tennants recieved notice that their units were scheduled for spraying due to bed bugs in an adjacent apartment. The remainder of the building was not notified.

I had woken up with several bites over the last few weeks but didn't know what the cause was. Once I learned about the infestation of a unit in our building, it all came together. I have now reported it to the building managers (calls made Oct 19 and Oct 20, 2010) who have indicated they w

ill have my apartment sprayed, as well as my neighbors and the apt below me.

I am extremely upset that the management was made aware of this as early as July 2009 and again in Jan 2010 without notifying tennants or taking any pest control measures.

Now they will be spraying selected apartments, but will not do the whole building.

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addition to the above- Only one bedbug was found and it was dead, but evidence (bites) of one of more live bedbugs were left on my person.

Bedbugs located in a basement suite in July 2009. It was a small infestaton that seems to have been localised either in a closet or in the bedroom. We suspect they came through the wall. Reported to landlord immeadiately, as far as I knew they were still looking into getting someone out to take care of the problem as of August when I moved out. No action was taken to fumigate or investigate the problem while I lived there.

Wasn't sure if infestation was localised to the bedroom; when I slept

on the couch I did not get bitten. Only one bug was ever found (it was dead), it was found in the bedroom and I was the only person who was ever bitten. Thorough inspection of the mattress revealed nothing visible (though we ended up throwing out all the furniture as a precaution anyway). Here's hoping the problem was addressed after I moved.

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