10145 121 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5N

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i am in an currently living in an apartment - 10215 - 108 ave with bedbugs and have huge welts from the bites in patches all over my body. the building is infested and the owner is doing the same thing with spraying.

i've been here less than 2 weeks and i'm outta here. i've lost almost 2 weeks of work due to the bites' locations, had to pay for Rxx's for the bites and have yet been able to do my laundry (which is not free) b/c the washer and dryer have not been fixed after over a week of co


I'm just writing this because i was looking into moving into that apartment building, Signature Apt.: 10145 - 121 st. so that's for the heads up.

It'a hell, time-consuming and frustrating.

Any remote possibility the place has bed bugs - don't risk it. Find some where else.

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signature place apartments where and still may be infested with bedbugs. I just found out about this website so I couldn't write this earlier. I was dealing with bed bugs from Oct-April 2010. The management handled the situation poorly therefore the bed bugs returned even after spraying. They only sprayed my apartment and the three to the left of me. Unfortunately they didn't spray the apartment to the right which was also infested. Therefore my apartment was sprayed a total of 4 times before I

moved out. Was getting bites at night all over my body especially my legs and the side of my arms. I lost/spent over $4000 of my own money to get rid of the pest.

Worst situation of my life.

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