10138 123 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5N

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I lived in this location, there have been bed bugs in this location since 2008 I was on the second floor, I ordered killer from usa it did the trick, so it looks like they have never taken care of the problem.

I threw my bed out last october from here and now (June 2012) , it looks like I'll be throwing out my sofa as well......
Seems they ( bedbugs ) are back with a VENGENCE. 2 nights ago , I was up all night killing them off me, off the walls , my planter pots etc,etc .This will mean that my 895$ a month apt will have cost me an additional 2000$. I can not afford another bed ,let alone another couch , so for my rent ill get to watch tv on the floor. Nice,,,,,,( P.S, Is it my imagination,

or are they BIGGER now?????) I killed no less than 25 of them in the last 2 days. They were at all stages of growth. Why is the provincial government not taking a more serious stand on this issue? When i approached my caretaker about this rather serious situation, she seemed less than concerned ( to say the least) But said the office will be sending pest control.Why do I NOT feel better? This was never a problem, the first 10.5 years that I have lived here. NOW I JUST WANT TO RUN SCREAMING.

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I believe I'm the guy whose bed/box spring was found against the dumpster in early october 2011.
It has been pure hell ( can't afford another $1400 bed ). I truly wish that I had sliced the mattress and box spring but did'nt and though I was informed by the landlord that they were taken away, I suspect someone brought it right back into the building. The lesson here is... if its at the dumpster, it IS too good to be true and theres a good reason that it is there for garbage pickup.

Now I suspect my 3 year old sofa has got the same problem only this time, I will be "Raiding" every spot I can
(wall sockets , baseboards etc.)
I have lived here 11 years and only this past year, have I dealt with this. These apartments are way too overpriced to have to put up with this sort of thing. (and at this rate, it'll be easy to move out.... no more furniture left) We need DDT to be used again!!!!

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My wife and I moved into the apartment building "Trinity Place" at the beginning of June 2011. About 2 months later I spotted a cockroach in the kitchen. My wife also spotted and caught roaches in the kitchen. Then we talked to a neighbor who asked if we had bugs and we shared our experience of bugs with her. Fast forward to October of 2011 when i was going to throw out some trash i spotted a mattress and box spring leaning against the dumpster. The very next day on October 7, 2011 we got a let

ter from Har-Par management that our building was to be treated for cockroaches and bedbugs. I only wish that Har-Par management had been honest with us regarding pests in this building or we woudldn't have moved to this apartment building.

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