9730 106 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5K

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This apartment building is called "The Residence". My experience is from the 11th floor.

I visited someone in this building on Sunday, January 16th, 2011, and as I was leaving they mentioned they'd received a notice from management that someone on their floor had bedbugs and would be having a dog come in to do an inspection.

It's my understanding that the supervisory body had become aware of the circumstances by noticing a tenant moving his bed, couch, etc., from his apartment. When as

ked, the tenant admitted to the pestilence. I have no knowledge as to when this particular incident happened. (I hope it was very shortly before the notice was sent though!)

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 I called my friend and asked if the inspection had revealed anything, and apparently the dog detected something in the bed, but nowhere else in the apartment. My friend's bed is situated on the other side of the wall to which the infested apartment is located. In addition, there's some sort of large(ventilation?) pipe (maybe a foot or a little less in diameter)that runs along the ceiling of the bedroom apartment and supposedly into the (infested) neighbor's apartment. The location of connection between apartments at the pipe juncture is hidden, so it's hard to tell if it's even sealed up there. This could very well be the most likely point of entry-- that an possibly the baseboard heating that runs along the outside wall length, I assume extending through each apartment. Good possibility that this isn't sealed tightly either.

At this point, my friend is washing all clothing, sleeping on livingroom couch (won't go in to sleep in bed) and bags laundered clothes. Also looking for HEPA vacuum, and I'm hoping they'll purchase this & use it on daily-- or more-- basis. Also hoping for purchase of mattress bag to trap & starve these little nightmares to death. How do you treat a leather-seated car? Is there an effective method other than quarantine?? This pest is so inconvenient...

Of course, I'm scared I'll get them in my home now, and if I do, dreading having to deal with this for a long time to come. Will post any updates soon.

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I moved into The Residence 6 months ago. In July I had a friend stay over and he woke up itchy with red welts all over his arm. I was perfectly fine so I did not think anything of it. It is now 3 months following the incident and I noticed marks on my legs and feet and have been itching like crazy. I just noticed 3 flat brown bugs crawling on my bed and started screaming. I called my 24 hour maintenance emergency line and was told "Call back tomorrow there's nothing we can do". How am I supposed

to get any sleep knowing that there are bloodsucking parasitic bugs crawling all over my apartment?

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