12021 Jasper Ave Nw
Edmonton, AB T5K

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We are a corner suite in the Jasper House Apartment (14 Floors).

The Bed Bug problem has not been solved. We've received our Fifth notification that someone in the building STILL has the bugs and a spray or check needs to be done. It seems to happen every month or twice in one! Found out that it's not being properly done either. We are a corner suite above the bed bug problem suite. INSTEAD of spraying the whole building or floor, they are only spraying the walls, the suite with them and the

corner suites directly above and below three floors of the infected suite.

We did not have any bugs until we found one alive bed bug just today! Two weeks after the Bed Bug Spray!? It was full grown.

My boyfriend was home during a "Spray" they just sprayed the walls. Not the bed, not the drawers, not the clothes. It's been done so many times that they are just spraying the affected suite and " only checking the other suites"

Waste of rent money $1500.00 for cheap bed bug care - and very frustrating having to prep and launder FIVE times almost constantly for a cheap job! It's a surprise If I don't come home to a Bed Bug Prep Care notice.

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The problem has been solved by good management of Midwest Property. They were so supportive to 12th floor:) we are so happy and thankful to the management :) Please take the previous reports down:)

We don't have bedbugs for two weeks. Everything is great:) I found the problems. They've done three times heat treatment but none of them were successful for 1205. After third time, we haven't seen them for two days and suddenly a few of them came again. I checked the connection between my unit and other units and I found a big hole!!!! I put so many tissues and called them. after so many times that maintenance came and put some expanding foam in those areas, everything is okay:) I believe that

every times, They should check the holes before heat treatment to don't let bedbugs come again and again and do treatment after that.

Anyway, it is solved:)

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It is the whole twelth floor. At the end of Oct 2011 the office was notified about bed bugs. The first treatment did not happen until Dec 2011. Even though they were told the bed bugs were not gone the management stalled for weeks before the next treatment. Now, even though it has caused major inconvenience and cost and there has been full cooperation, management has now delivered an eviction notice.

Good luck to the rest of the tenants.

We have major problems with bed bugs in the 12th (1205)floor in Jasper House. We came here on Nov. 5, 2011 and up to now we found more than 80 bed bugs. They have done heat treatment for three time but none of them were successful. We have a really hard time to live here. We love this building for its environment and it has a really nice view to river valley but bed bugs made it unpleasant.

April 2010

Outbreak on the 9th floor, from what I heard, they moved up from the 8th.

I know in our building, Jasper House, there are major problems with bed bugs, but so far I've heard they're confined to the second floor. We're on the 12th floor, and just starting a new lease, so fingers crossed, they don't move up. I know the poor people on the second floor are really having a hard time.

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