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My roommate and I moved straight from our parent's houses (bedbug free) in mid July. By the beginning of August, my boyfriend and I started getting bites. After finding four around the apartment, we got treated. The exterminator told us we would need to get a second treatment in 10-12 days. After talking to our landlord, she told us that they would not do a second treatment. Not knowing any better, my roommate and I unpacked our stuff into our new home, for the second time. However, at the end o

f August, we found 4 live bed bugs in my closet, and about 20 more after being on our hands and knees picking them out (with tweezers) from our carpet.
So, now having our apartment being basically unlivable for about a month, we were relieved when the K-9 unit came in and told us our unit was clean.
Don't get too excited. This isn't a happy ending. Within a minute after the inspection, I found a live bedbug on top of my bookcase. After being told we would have to pay for the third treatment, we appealed.
So, after two and a half months, we are finally able to rid ourselves from this apartment.

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