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Edmonton, AB T5K

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Well, the bugs came back. After moving out of this apartment block several months ago, I drove by to visit one of my old neighbors and saw a gigantic pile of old furniture and three mattresses piled into the garbage bin out back. I talked to a couple of people who were moving out and they told me the place was infested and that they had found bugs in their closets, beds, bathrooms and clothes. I could smell the spray in the hallways from the exterminators. The mattresses in the dumpster were

covered in blood spots and crawling with bedbugs!!!

This apartment needs a PROFESSIONAL to clean it up.

Finally, I'm worried that, in spite of deep cleaning my stuff and throwing out a lot of it, I may have taken the bugs to my new apartment.

This place is nasty!

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We moved shortly after the fumigation. Right after the fumigation we powdered the edges of all shared walls and I sealed every possible entry point with tape. (pipes outlets etc.)We had never had a problem in our unit but found a single adult bedbug in the bathroom sink. I had to get a loan to manage it but we were out of there asap. I have noticed that in the last few months when I drive by the building that several more people have moved out.
I do not blame the land-lady. It is the owners of

the building who do not care and who never do anything but the minimum repairs. We moved well out of that neighbourhood which means much longer commutes but life is So much better now! Now I'm stuck with a huge line of credit to pay off which sucks but I do not regret getting out of there.

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If you are still having problems we can help! We are the sole Canadian provider of ThermaPureHeat®. Thermapure is a patented chemical free process that employs clean dry heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs. The affected area is heated to a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs and their eggs.

Traditional chemical methods require several treatments as chemicals do not kill the eggs or larvae. The application of chemicals needs to be repeated as the eggs hatch. In addition, bed bugs ar

e becoming resistant to chemicals and in some cases, multiple chemical treatments fails to kill them. The ThermaPureHeat® process kills the adult bed bugs and their eggs in one step with no development of resistance.

Thermapure benefits:
• Chemical free – especially important for persons with health issues, ideal for health care facilities

• One step – the process is completed in one day, no need to move out. Thermapure heat kills the eggs and larva in one step and penetrates through all cracks and crevices

• Cost effective – most people do not want chemicals applied to their items. With Thermapure, these items can be safely heated with no need to discard.

Our process does not spread Bedbugs to other units and the treatment is complete in about 8 hours. If you are moving and want to insure you are not bringing the pest with you we can treat just you contents.

If you would like more information please contact us at 487-8878,

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December 2009,
Building was fumigated for bedbugs. We had no problem in our apartment until approximately two weeks afterwards. I was dealing with stress welts that looked much like an allergic reaction, but when my anti histamines stopped working I started to wonder why I had these marks and why they kept coming back.

April 7, 2010
Bedbugs were confirmed on our mattress, had to dispose of it. My girlfriend was sent home from college when she asked what the school's policies are on it. I

talked to the manager in person about the problem and told her that something was clearly wrong because we were fine before the "fumigation".
She went on to tell me it was our fault for not following the steps given, but this was untrue as we bagged and washed all our clothes, we had all our furniture and so on a couple of feet from the walls and so on.
We have no idea if the manager intends on calling an exterminator, but due to lost hours at the school they want to expel my girlfriend unless the manager produces a note about the bed bugs and when the exterminator is going to arrive. This school cost a lot of money and we no longer have a bed. The problem will never be fully taken care of, and I believe it's because the manager doesn't live on site and therefore doesn't care.

This place is a problem, We're moving as soon as possible.

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I also live on the top floor of this building.
Did all the same things that "Oilerfan" mentioned.
Right b/4 Xmas the whole building was sprayed. I doubt that everyone took the meassures suggested - ie: moving all furniture 1 foot away from the wall. Froze my stuff on the balcony etc ... Really want to move asap!

Well, here's the update- they returned 6 weeks later. I've taken many of the recommended precautions to prevent the bug's from feeding and reproducing - including extensive use of DE. After finding them again, my suite has once more been sprayed. However, the full building has not been sprayed again.

The exterminator has sprayed Dragnet, which seems to be quite effective for a short while, but more aggressive action should be taken to prevent them returning.

The building owner, who is v

ery concerned, may need to follow the strategies suggested by Capital Health for dealing with such a repeat infestation.

My days here are numbered.

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Dec. 2/09. Top floor. I found several adult bedbugs on my mattress, searched the rest of my bedding and found a nest on the bottom of my box spring. The landlord expressed concern and mentioned that a couple of other suites had reported them too over the previous few months. My suite was sprayed by with Dragnet by a PCO within 48 hrs. A week later I caught a bedbug nymph on a sticky trap attached to the legs of my couch. The next morning, before I could inform the landlord, notice was given

that the entire building was to be sprayed. This was done on Dec. 15/09. Dragnet was used but when I asked about DE the exterminator stated they did not use it.

One suite was so infested that the tenant loaded their full belongings into a rental trailer and left them to freeze for several days- it was -30 to -40 at the time.

My boxspring was disposed of, my mattress was allowed to freeze at -30 for a week, my clothes are washed hot dry/hot wash/hot dry and bagged, several pieces of furniture have been tossed out and all my other possessions are being systematically frozen and sealed. Luckily Canada in winter is harshly cold and hopefully will work out for me. I have no idea what course of action the other tenants are taking.

Updates to follow if necessary - this building is older but the bedbugs have been appearing in many newer and new build apartments in this same neighbourhood.

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