10160 114 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5K

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To the person who posted on 11/04 about bed bugs on the 8th floor, are you still having issues or has this been resolved?

I am on the 7th floor and have had no issues so far, but am becoming concerned with the occurrences in the building on the 3rd and now 8th floors.

I started noticing bites within the past week or so, and found a bed bug earlier this evening. We're up on the 8th floor.

My daughter is thinking of renting an apt on the 3rd floor of this building. Are there still bedbug issues in the building??

Update: was unit 305
Last week of June thru August 2015
After 3 fumigations - another live bedbug was seen in the bathroom trying to get under the sink cabinet a few days before I moved out... I had enough...

Live one also seen in elevator foyer on third floor...building mgmt company refused to do anything about it "because it was not an infestation in a unit"

Good luck to all!!

To the last poster or anyone that lives in this building, can you tell me which suite had the bedbugs? Thank you.

June/July 2015. Third floor apt. Bedbugs!!! Had bites for 2 weeks. Found two in my bed one night at the end of June. Notified my landlord. It took a week for them to schedule the fumigation. Then did second spray 2 weeks later. So far so good. No idea what they found in the neighbours' apts or where they came from :(. By the way, I've lived in this apt for 4 years and never had a problem before this.

Did the Landlord bring the bugs into the building? Who reimburses the landlord the $100/suite for spraying? And if he has to do the suite multiple times its a charge each and every time.
Its easy to blame the landlord, but tenants need to accept blame and responsibility also is all i am saying

To the person below don't blame the tenants they had to get rid of their furniture the
management would only spray one room at a time so the bed bugs would just come back and you will get bitten again.

I am getting tired of tenants complaining about landlords, as if it is the building that concieved the bed bugs.....Tenants are the ones who bring the bugs in but yet its the landlord who has to pay for the clean up.

Tenants take responsibility for your actions!!

To "Ripped Off" - I would say your landlord is not being forthcoming with you. The bedbugs have been a problem in the building since at least August, 2011, and they seem to go from one suite to another, and it seems obvious the entire building needs to be treated at the same time. Otherwise, they will just keep moving around. I would think the solution is for the tenants to get organized and insist the problems be rectified, and keep calling the Board of Health to report it.

May 28, 2012
My apartment (5th floor) was fumigated for bed bugs, I have been waking up to the biting since I moved in, less than 3 weeks ago. This is frustrating because I have never had them before and just bought a brand new bed. They said they could not find anything, but I had found one in the early stages. I killed it, but should have kept it for proof. This is disgusting, I would like to get rid of everything and start new somewhere else! It is a horrible hassle, to have to put all belon

gings into the washer and dryer (which costs a lot of money) then have to put it all into garbage bags!! I hope they got them all, but if there are any eggs they better come back to fumigate again.

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We are on the 2nd floor and have been here for only six days. I have over 30 bites from bed bugs. Landlord claims that it had never been a problem before. They are bringing in someone to spray in a few days, but the landlord claims that it is my fault and said that I brought the bedbugs. Beware and use extreme caution before agreeing to live in this building. The company that rented the unit to me is Avala Equities. As mentioned previously we have been here for six days. The place is still yet t

o be cleaned. There are big sticky stains on the floor, a creepy bloody fingerprint on bedroom door, and an overall feeling of uncleanliness.

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An inspector came a month and a half ago and checked our apartment and said we were clear. Well here we are, November 15th, and my girlfriend has bites all over her. The property management doesn't answer our complaints, and neither do our landlords. I'm disgusted and annoyed with the negligence of the property management. Progressive Property Management—along with the building—is a total joke. I'll be consulting this website before I move anywhere again.

I am sick and tired of having bed bugs!!
The property manager here is so unapproachable and treats you very poorly.
My apartment has been treated but they're still showing up in my bathroom.
Ive approached her many times to file complaints, but she pushes away my concerns.
Anyone else in this building must report findings of bed bugs so she starts to listen!
Soon the whole building will be infested if the management continues to do nothing about re-infestations.
This has to stop!!

A few months ago I started seeing bug bites all over my body. After a close look at my box spring I found bed bugs. I reported it to the property manager only to be treated terribly. I was informed several units in the building have bed bugs and a few units were non-compliant with treatment, which I find very frustrating. My apartment has been sprayed twice now, which costs a lot, and yet Im still finding bed bugs. I have made several attempts to speak with the manager only to be blown off. This

has been a terrible experience, and how are these ever going to go away when the property manager doesnt seem to care? UGH!

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Bed Bugs in an apartment building/condo are everyone's problem, so please, please, make sure to report any sighting/concerns immediately! As a consequence of someone else's negligence, shame, ignorance, whatever, I believe they spread through the pipes (in the bathroom) and into my suite! This has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had, and I won't be resting easy for a long time!!

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