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It seems to be okay here now. Havent heard about any bedbugs as of late.... SO FAR SO CLEAN :)

this place was my first apartment and messed me up mentally from the sheer amount of bed bugs. we did everything the landlords told us and looked online for more tips and followed them. and we also had a disgusting little red ant infestation a month after moving in. bottom line the place was a nightmare and we had to sleep on the floor for 8 months from being to scared to buy another mattress. STAY AWAY!!

It would be interesting to know how many tenants actually follow through with proper procedures to help eradicate the bugs. I bet none of the complainers actually vacuum with the hose along the baseboards daily. And to the lady who slept in the bathtub....That helps spread them through out the suite. Use common sense and put traps out and get mattress bags.

Bedbugs up in here all over in the walls, response and follow up from management not good enough, the bug spraying guy only sprayed high traffic areas instead of the whole unit. First to third floor for sure infested, 7-11 also for sure infested. WE ASKED FOR THE PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED AND HAD TO MOVE TO GET AWAY FROM THE BITERS, BOTH BUGS AND MANAGEMENT.

Update on the third floor. I've noticed that lots of people post when they have bugs, but it would be nice to see follow-up to know if the problem was solved, and what it took. We haven't had bugs for a month or so, and so here's an update on what we did.

First, management sprayed our apartment several times in response to our problem (thank you!). And we also did our part to bug proof, since we were worried that the bugs were coming in from elsewhere, either through the walls or where the

hot water heat comes in.

We put foam inserts behind every electrical and light socket (these are usually used to insulate from cold coming in, but we figured it would also keep bugs from sneaking in if they were coming from adjacent apartments). And then we added tape to seal it completely. You can also use that press n' seal wrap from the grocery store.

We then used silicon dust (bought at a local garden store, specifically for bed bugs) and put it in behind the baseboards along every single exterior and interior wall (if bugs walk through the powder it's supposed to shred them).

We also put double sided tape around the base of the bed and all furniture, to prevent bugs from getting into it. Then we could also monitor for bugs (if you see one stuck to the tape, you still have a problem!).

Finally - we were very, very careful to keep things off the floor and were careful with laundry to prevent bugs from spreading to other apartments via the laundry room.

Hopefully that's the last of it for us!

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OMG! I overhead someone talking about them spraying for bedbugs-and not being notified. (neither was I) We SHOULD be getting notification of them spraying and notice of this issue. I had no idea this was going on... (Thankfully we are aware of the issue in Edmonton, and do regularly check to be on the safe side)

I've had tiny ant problems in our suite. Those are bad enough.

Our rent better not be going up AGAIN! It just did in February.

We currently live at the Wimbleton Apartments and every month it seems someones apartment is being sprayed for bedbugs or other insects. Mostly bedbugs. No one seems to get notice of neighbours having issues, we just here about it through other tenants or guess when we see the sprayers come in. It is a problem and we should all be made aware when this is going on due to the fact that the chemicals they use can be very toxic.

Can't wait to get out of here.

Plus we found out our rent is goin

g up (possibly to pay for the bedbugs!)

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Bed bugs in apartment on the third floor. Sprayed a few times but we suspect the origin is from another apartment below us, so it's hard to say that they're gone.

Bed bugs in suite on 10th floor, company coming to spray.

In Edmonton, try calling Sniffer Dog Services Inc.
Bed Bug and Mold Canine Detection Services
780-458-6793. We are more than happy to come in to pinpoint the source of the problem or do follow-up inspections after pest control has sprayed to ensure the bugs have been eradicated. Being an independent Canine inspection service, we offer no conflict of interest reporting.

We live down the street in the Sussex. The day we moved in our neighbors were complaining about their bedbug problems that were just eliminated. Just four months later, my wife and I started to notice bites on our skin in the morning, and we co-sleep with our newborn.

On first sighting the disgusting, flat, rust-colored bloodsucker I called management and the problem was dealt with within a week. My family moved to the in-laws in Vancouver as the pest control executed two sprayings.

I have

nightmares constantly about these things, and every time I feel an itch I think they\'re back.


I\'d also suggest avoiding this building, but apparently North America is suffering from a reintroduction of these things. Good news for pest control, I guess.

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My roomate and i rented out this apartment in room 104 in december 2007, it was our first apartment on our own so we were super excited, bought new bedroom suites, new tv's new couches and basically everything for own new home. When april came around my roomate started to get a bad bad rash all over her body, she been to numerous doctors and they all said it was a allergic reaction.. it wasn't until shortly after may 2008 when w

e discovered a HUGE investation in her room, and it soon spread though-out the apartment.
it was so bad that we had to get rid of all our new household items we currently have bought. the landlord first fought with us saying they weren't bed bugs, then eventually bit the bullet and called to get the apartment sprayed.... they kept cancelling us and back dating us to later dates.. and they also did NOT inform ANY of the tenants that our apartment had bedbugs. we later found out the bedbugs were there before we moved in after reading how to treat bedbugs, all our baseboards and corners were pulled back and we figured it was just because the apartment was old.

so please tell me this, how could someone be sooooo cold to let two 20 something girls just starting their life move into a place she knew had bedbugs. sick people thats who. it is still a emotional rollercoaster and it's been 4-5 months since it's happend. i lost all my personal belongings, a friend, and i don't feel safe to move into another apartment in fear to lose all my hard earns belongings.

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