10025 115 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5K

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Sept 8, 2015 - My friend is moving out from this place - The entrance-way stinks of garbage. The staff are rude especially the guy named Nick. Where do they find these people to manage. Lucky if they have grade 10 education. It takes forever to get something fixed in her suite. They sprayed her neighbors place 2 floors above her for Bed Bugs & now she is moving & I'm not going back in there. RUN don't walk.

Pembroke Investments Ltd. Actually has 5 different properties owned by them.

You will want to avoid all these properties.

York House 10030 114 ST 780-488-5151
Lancaster House 10025 115 ST 780-488-5151
The Albany 10155 116 ST 780-488-6060
Hi-Level Place 11005 98 Ave 780-482-3717
Gloucester House 10513 124 ST

If you have problems with the management of Pembroke Investments AKA Northwest Properties
you can use this information to contact the

Northwest Investments
Bridgeton, Missouri
USA, 63044
Phone #: 314-291-3491
Fax #: 314-344-1046

If it says Chateau De Mont in the message that is fine that is one of their properties down in Missouri. The owners will get your message. This is information that the management at these buildings do not want you to know.

Basically if you know anyone interested in moving into a Pembrooke apartment - especially the Lancaster - tell them to run.
It isn't only bedbugs they have had here and didn't tell everyone, or took appropriate actions - they have lots of bugs. Some people on my floor have beetles, and I have noticed an infestation of little 'cockroach' type things in my apartment. I only just moved in here a while ago - but I might just break the lease - just so I can get out of here before my furniture is

eaten away. The problem is the owner - not the manager. They can't keep good managers or maintenance guys in here (from what I have been told by many tenants). Since I have been here - there have been about 4 different guys. And the water seems to be turned off almost 3 times a month 'for repairs' Why I haven't went to management about the bugs? Because I don't want to be evicted. The owner of the building makes the management be his bullies to bully people out of here. The owner does't care about tenants, he cares about the money he is putting in his pocket by the outrageous rents he charges.

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Avoid the two buildings being run by this company they run York House at 10030 114 ST NW and Lancaster House at 10025 115 ST NW.

The use the following names
Pembroke Investments or Northwest Properties

They will use the address of 103-10030 114 ST NW
and the phone number of 780-482-3345

Basically if you report anything such as a lack of heat in your unit or anything else that the management doesn't like they will simply hand you an evicition notice. They keep you in fear of reportin

g anything to them or anyone outside of the management such as Alberta Health.

This building is horribly run and the management does the least amount possible!

If you do report something to an agency outside of the management of this building they hand you an eviction notice.

They use fear and intimidation to keep the residents quiet. Avoid theae two buildings at all cost it isn't worth it.

Oh if you already live there and need to conact Joan Bendekovics (The building manager) her personal email address is [email protected]

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Gotta love the response from management, followed by a glowing endorsement from a "tenant" the very next day. Not suspicious at all, nooo...

The bug problems in this building were not handled properly. There was no comprehensive treatment/ deterrent plan for the whole building to contain the problem and prevent it from spreading. Like others have pointed out, it appears management went for the cheapest route and treated the absolute minimum they could get away with. Worse yet, there was

very little information given to the rest of the building so that people could be informed of the problem and be vigilant. Not impressed.

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Pembroke investments do not care about anything but the money. Bed Bug situation was not done quickly as managment has reported here. When I went to them about it - they were very rude and seemed not to care. Anyone who seems to bring things up to management that they don't like, get eviction notices - so they use fear into keeping us quiet. i have only been here for 5 years, but I am scared to death to even report repairs, last time I did I got a dirty look and snarled at.

Funny from satisfied tennant - this is obviously the management. Ask anyone who has been here for over 3 years, they are not satisified, since new management has taken over - there has been an influx of people moving out - not trouble makers, seniors like myself,and professionals. The building seems to be filling up with problem 'kids' who party all night and cause problems. And if you 'know who the problem tennants are' why don't you report them to management? because you are management.

live on one of the higher floors and bug managment in general hasn't been handled properly. Shouldn't take 3 weeks to a month after reports for them to do something.

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I have been a tenant at Lancaster house for over 20 years. I am very impressed with the new management. They have made so many changes for the better. I feel they have handled the bed bug situation very agressively and professionally. There are only a hand full of people in this building that create problems. We know who you are, and we are not impressed.

The first Building Management heard that bed bugs might be present in the Building was June 23rd, thanks to one tenant that came forward. Building Management called professional fumigators the same day and made an appointment for the following day with the K-9 Detection Dog to inspect suites.

After the K-9 inspection, tenants were provided with comprehensive preparation information, as provided by the professional fumigator, and given time to prepare for the June 30th first spray.
Those te

nants that were adequately prepared had the first spray; those that were not ready were sprayed on July 5th. The second spray was done on July 9th. Another spray was done on July 16th for suites that were not prepared the first two times.

The fumigators informed Building Management if tenants follow the preparation guidelines given to them, the spray treatment will be done efficiently and effectively. As such, additional preparation time was provided to those tenants who could not adequately prepare for the intial spray treatment.

On July 20th a follow-on K-9 Detection Dog inspection was done and a third spray treatment completed for those suites still infected. On July 26th a second spray treatment was completed for the first set of suites that were not ready.

On July 29th, the K-9 Detection Dog inspected suites again; spray treatment was immediately done for those suites where there was detection. For some suites, this would have been the third treatment spray.

On August 6th, Building Management had the professional fumigators come in again for a 4th spray treatment for suites.

A K-9 Detection Dog inspection has been scheduled for August 17th; spray treatment will be undertaken immediately for any suites detected. Spray treatment will continue until all suites are clear.

In order to prevent the possible transfer of any insects to other parts of the Building, Building Management have implemented the following approach, as recommended by the professional fumigators. First, the common areas of the Building are sprayed/treated when the professional fumigators are on site inspecting or treating any suites. Second, preventative maintenance spray treatment is being done on a monthly basis in Building common areas.

At the outset of the spray treatment process, the professional fumigators advised us that tenants
whose suites were being spray treated should leave their respective suites for six to eight hours to avoid sensitivity to the treatment product. The fumigators informed us that anyone who might be highly sensitive to the spray treatment should consider staying at another location for 24 hours. That information was passed along to tenants whose suites were being spray treated.

Building Management did not ignore the matter and did, in fact, exercise due dilligence in the interest of tenants and the Building in which they are residents.

There is no way of knowing where these pests have come from. Building Managemment has undertaken a systematic detection and treatment program with professional fumigators to eliminate the pests and rid the Building of them. Building Management and the professional fumigators have made real progress with the majority of suites initially infected now being bug free. The fumigators have informed Building Management if tenants follow the preparation and prevention guidelines given to tenants, there should not be a problem exterminating these pests. Building Management will continue to fumigate until the pests are gone. The Building Owners are sparing no expense on this matter.

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I just found out about the bedbugs in the apartment. The manager was very rude about it.
No real actions have been taken to check the other suites in the apartment. Pembroke Investments from the USA who own the apartment building seems not to care that residents are worried.

June 24th 2010.
Lancaster House Apartments.
This building has had a problem with bugs for a while, which management (especially the new managment) - has ignored.
Today, she has informed a few tennants that the 12, 13 and 14th floors will have to be sprayed because there is an outbreak. They have known about this outbreak for a while - and still haven't had anyone in to take care of it. So while we wait - it will spread to the other suites, and more people will have to throw out their furnit

ure. She is blaming the tennents for this problem - when part of the blame is hugely theirs. She is telling people they will have to stay with friends or at a hotel while they come (whenever that will be) and spray.

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