10024 Jasper Ave Nw
Edmonton, AB T5J

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No bed bugs since Sept 2015.

Management sucks at communicating updates but things have been well since September...

I live on the 13th floor and Pinnacle is managing the bed bugs well. My suite was searched by sniffing dogs and came clean. I have never had bugs and have lived here for 9 years.

Bed bugs are still present

Floors 12-15 of this building are currently experiencing a bed bug outbreak. The building has hired Ecopest to do a few spray treatments here and there but it's simply not enough. Rick from Pinnacle Property Management is non-responsive when contacted. Some residents and owners are not being cooperative either so this is further progressing the problem. The whole building will be infested soon if management doesn't start treating whole floors all at once. Stay away from this building if yo

u can.

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As a concerned resident of 10024 Jasper Ave, I'm reporting this in hopes that it will help others. If anyone has any further information, please submit a report to this site.

Bedbugs were found and confirmed in my unit in July of 2015. I received a few bites prior to this but I did not react normally and the bites looked nothing like the ones on the internet, so it was hard to confirm the source until I found a bug myself. My unit did not have any signs of bugs or an infestation site, even

after being professionally inspected. My mattress is completely clean inside out with no signs of anything. It was very strange. The landlord was very cooperative (paid for and completed a treatment of my unit) and the building has been cooperative (they are having my unit treated as well).

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About 6 months ago we where not told but found out that the property management company had sprayed another suite on our floor for Bed Bugs. They completely kept their mouth's shut and didn't tell us anything.

A month after that we was our first bit, my wife is very sensitive to bug bites, she swelled up like a balloon. So I panicked, forced everyone to clear up, wash up, dry everything to the uttermost, then spray the whole household with bug spray. Took the family to a hotel and waited 2 da


They seemed to subside, no more bites, none. Oh did I say I bagged the bedding. Anyway, less than a month ago we started seeing them again. I did all the same things. This time I will be calling one of our city's PC pros.

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