9315 Jasper Ave Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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I am a current resident at this building 9315 Jasper Ave. I have lived here over 1 year and NO bed bugs what so ever!!!! So people should really update this

08/15/2011 - we have lived here one year and this is the second time in 6 months that we have recieved notice that there are bed bugs. Then we saw our neighbor removing a couch with HUNDREDS of eggs and bugs crawling on the side of it. There are mattresses piled by the dumster and furniture covered in bed bugs and little beige colored curved eggs. I dont know how some people can live with such huge infestations. We are so creeped out it makes our skin crawl.
And I feel so bad for the homeless g

uy we say sleeping by the garbage on the infested couch.

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I am a prospective renter. One of the questions I asked was "Have you had any problems with bed bugs?"

The answer was no.

I check this website and see multiple reports. Says it all. If the bedbugs weren't bad enough you have landlords that are okay with outright fraud!

Stay the hell away from this place.

bordwalk center, 10531-90 Street. heavily infested by bedbugs.

I've lived in this apartment for 2 years and this is the second time our whole building was infested with bed bugs in aboutt one year. The first time was in and around June 07 they didn't get exterminators in right away they waited about three weeks which was too late for some tenants because there couches, beds clothes ext. .. Were completely covered in the bUgs. They only sprayed the suites that had called head office to complain so many vacant or hallways were not sprayed, does that make sens

e??? HELL NO!!!!! You have to spray the whole damn place!!!!! Now the bed bugs are back and even worse than before. SO i decided to call the building msnager asap and when i yold her that i yhink i may have bed bugs she said, oh ya you might csuse your neighbour just got sprayed 2 weeks ago!!!! Which means now the bugs have spread out.We've callled capital health, landlord and tenants boArd and they told us noThing can be done bc the rental. Company says they are sending someone out to spray, and as a tenant I had to pay my rent or they could take me to court! And that was 3 weeks ago..... So now my apartment is infested I've had to throw aWay all my belongings, go to work with bed bugs bites all over my body, and I called again to head office and they once again told me......." We sent out a work order were not sure when they will be there" I called the exterminatirs which who are contract with the building and they said they could have been in weeks ago.... Soooo please beware.... This has affected my life and I feel completely violated.... It's seems like if your a renter nobody cares!!!!

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