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My friend in Boardwalk E tower 15th floor was being driven insane by bites on her body. At first we thought they were mosquitoes, till summer ended and that was no longer a possibility. Then the diagnosis was hives or some kind of a allergic reaction. We inspected her bed and bedding on numerous occasions and could find no trace of bed bugs. Doctors and specialists and ongoing sleepless nights and welts on her body. This mystery was further complicated by her husband who slept with her was

not experiencing any symptoms at all!
Then one night a call from her in crying hysterics. They found the bed bugs in her bed. I went over and and they showed me a wrapped up sheet in a plastic bag. I observed at least a dozen bed bugs before I stuffed it back in the bag. Now finally we knew what it was. It was bed bugs all along. These have got to be the most elusive little buggers you will ever deal with!
We quarantined the bedroom, washed all the bedding and they slept on the fold down couch in the living room. She got her first nights sleep in over three months and woke with no welts on her body.
I believe there was a bed bug problem in this unit when they moved in. Management may have tried to deal with the problem but it was not done properly or they didn't have time before the new tenants moved in. The pain and suffering associated with this kind of negligence is unforgivable. When we reported to management they just played dumb, refused any responsibility, and said they can be picked up on the bus. These people are scum bags.
They had some friends staying over for a few weeks this summer and now they are starting to get bites. They transported the bed bugs to their new apartment!
Boardwalk management took four days to get an exterminator who will now spray three times to get all the critters and their eggs.
So guess what. They are moving out. You may just be the next sucker who moves into this apartment, wondering why you are having an allergic reaction, till after a few months you finally figure it out. And the cycle repeats itself.
The pain suffering and psychological trauma associated with this bed bug thing is extreme. Now with a registry like this I discover that both the South and East towers of Boardwalk are crawling with bed bugs. So if you move in here be aware. If you start getting bitten in the night its bed bugs! it's not your fault and now your life will be hell for awhile. Good luck.

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They are thw worst people I have ever rented from. They are cheap cheap cheap. They pay their employees really good yet they are too cheap to fix a leak. One time there was a leak in my ceiling and the contractor came in and took a paint roller to my ceiling..thats it! he did not even fix the problem he just hid it. They dont want to put any money into their suites, they will put lino over lino carpet over carpet, and thier tubs are plastic! BEcauses plastic tubs are cheap they dont want to put

nice tiles in. Not to mention they dont paint their suites fully half the time..they spot paint,, again because they are too cheap to paint a full suite. ANOTHER NOT TO MENTION BUT THEY HAVE BED BUGS it is an ongoing problem which it should not be ongoing if they just fixed it right the first time. They also let anyone into the building to fill their suites. They dont care about other tenants safety.. they will let whoeever from where ever in. Word of advice stay away from BOARDWALK!

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