10835 114 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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I lived in this building for several years, right up until I discovered that the landlady/mgmt group had been lying to tenants for months upon months about the problem. I first saw bedbugs in my suite in.. March 2007, I think. You can't trust the landlords here-a) turned out the building has had ongoing issues with them for years (prior to 2007!) b) I asked the landlady a few weeks after my suite was sprayed if the k9 dog had picked up anything on the followup, and she said Nope! All gone, you'r

e clear! But her tone made me suspicious, so I called the k9 people, got hold of the dog handler who had been in my suite, and he remembered my apt specifically, because of HOW MANY ALERTS his dog picked up. He was sure my landlady would be informing me soon. Hmph. So I moved out right away, threw out almost everything I owned, and moved on. Bug free since I left, but I have to move back to Edmonton this summer, and I am terrified to go through that again. Most traumatic experience of my life!

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We moved in Jan 2009 and we had no problems until beginning of last week when we were waking up with big welts. I only just found this site and did not know there was a previous problem , but now our mattress will have to go and our couch. I am very pissed off now that I had no warning. The last post was for suite303 and I'm in 106 so they are moving fast.

I moved in to this building on August 16, 2009. I began receiving bites the second week of September and am still infested (it is Nov 19, 2009). I have been fumigated three times, and in each case, the fumigation had no effect. I am in apartment #303 and apparently there is a big problem with the suites down the centre of this building. I found out that the suite below mine was infested at the time that I suspected mine was and later saw that they had thrown their mattresses out, which tells me

that they had been infested for a long time. Given this and from reading the previous posts to this site from last year, clearly the landlord should have informed me of the recurring bed bug problem here when I came to look at the suite! I'm really distressed about this situation because the suites here are super nice - way nicer than any of the other buildings in this area, so it is extremely disappointing to find bed bugs here. Having bed bugs is a horrific nightmare! Don't be fouled by the lack of recent posts about this location. There is still a problem here!

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Ok I am still being affected by these bedbugs and wondering if they are in fact even spraying my apartment? I gave my notice because I can't take it anymore... I do everything they tell me to do yet I am still being bitten! Love that I now get to throw out all my new furniture because I don't want this crap to follow me to my new place. I swear the bugs are crawling along the hot water heating pipes from apartment to apartment.


The day I moved in, the K9 crew was doing inspections of the suites for bed bugs. He didn't find any. I didn't know much about them... I was not notified that my suite had been exterminated previously, more than once. And my neighbours apparently had their's sprayed 4 or 5 times already! I'm probably going to lose my $1600 bed, not to mention to cost it takes to do all of the clothing, the psychological torture and exposure to pesticides! I just had surgery and wasn't able to occupy my suit

e for a few weeks. Had to have someone help lift things away, and wait for them to help me move them back. Why finish unpacking??!

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This is a disgusting building,they don\'t even inform new tenants that there are bedbugs in here.The K9 dog is a joke.K9 can\'t detect absolutely nothing.

About 5 months ago I received a notice under my door stating that there was going to be a K9 sweep through my apartment to detect bedbugs. I took the day off work and there was no such inspection!

For the last few months I have seen the odd bedbug crawling around my apartment. Two weeks ago I started waking up with big itchy red welts all over my back and legs. My landlord slid a 24 hour notice under my door the other day stating that they were going to spray one of my walls to combat bedb

ugs. I have since found out that my next door neighbor has a huge infestation in her suite! Gross! Then I come to find out yesterday that my apartment wasn't even treated even though someone had been in here because all of my lights had been left on! And they were only planning on treating one wall and that was it! Well the K9 crew came in here yesterday and only found 1 bed bug blood spot on my mattress. After they left I took it upon myself to do a more in-depth investigation. I found two live bed bugs on my box spring hiding under one of the plastic protective corners. The dog didn't even detect this while doing the walk through my apartment! And now my landlord says I will likely have to wait another week before they will be able to exterminate my apartment! I am not getting any sleep as a result because this is absolutely disgusting! I am however thankful that there were only 2 bugs... mind you there still could be more hiding elsewhere.

I am so disgusted by this that I am tempted to toss out my $1800 bed!!! All I know is I better be bug free right away.

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