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June 14, 2012 - I gained some insight this week with respect to the bed bug problems in downtown Edmonton recently. Our building, like many others nearby, is infested. We moved in the first of June. I can only assume the management knew about the problem before we signed the lease, but were not compelled to tell us. I've learned since that landlords are only legally required to inform a prospective tenant if the tenant specifically asks if there are bed bugs in the building! Not exactly a pro-ac

tive approach to prevent the spread. I have since posted signs on our dumpster as advised by AB health and wellness to warn others.

I have to say, despite refusing heat treatments, considered by most to be safest and most effective, the management here is taking the issue very seriously. Heat treatment supposedly voids the building's insurance and there have been accounts of empty apartments accidentally burning down as a result. Instead they have opted for a new chemical treatment that claims to kill bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle. We will see....

My concern is not what the landlord may or may not be doing however.. There are already many complaints about bad management and landlords who are not doing enough. We understand. What I never considered before this week is the managements perspective. Some responsibility lies with the tenants of the building too. Everyone needs to participate in preparation and treatment!! Management can only do so much. There are many cases in our neighborhood where tenants actually refused inspections and treatment! People who would rather live with the bugs than have their 'peaceful' and 'tranquil' privacy interrupted by exterminators! Needless to say, folks that enjoy the company of bed bugs are not washing their linens and moving their furniture prior to treatment and therefore reducing their effectiveness throughout the building and encouraging reoccurrences. I agree pre-treatment can be expensive, especially with coin laundry facilities, however it's a small compromise considering your families and your neighbors health and well-being. I've heard a building owner was successfully sued by his tenant for forcing entry after the tenant refused bedbug treatment. The tenant was eventually evicted, but guaranteed he moved in to a new building straight away and is continuing the problem. That guy might be your new neighbor! What is the deal with our justice system?

Please continue informing the public about bad managers, etc. to hopefully help others avoid the slumlords, but please also consider your own actions and your neighbors and do everything you can do to prevent the spread and re-occurrence of bed bugs. Follow the preparation guidelines suggested by the pest control company to a tee and take advantage of online resources like the AB Health Services web page to learn more about prevention and treatment!

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I was informed by the caretaker of this building that a suite in the basement had bedbugs. I never really thought to much about it until i had found one cralling on top of my sheet. I literally panicked, stripped the bed, washed everything and went and bought some bedbug pesticide, sprayed my box springs, and matress. I then advised managment and had the suite sprayed twice and have not seen another one. I also bought bed bug mattress covers and covers for the box springs. I also did my own res

earch and found that dimataciuos earth is a very safe product to use around your home if you live somewhere where there are suspected bed bugs. I found out, that it was the suite below me that was infested. i then put this dimatacious earth powder along all the baseboards in the apt. and vacume very regularly. Its been 2 months and i have not seen a single bed bug since the spraying. And before the spraying i only found 1 bed bug.

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