10823 115 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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Avoid this building because it is full of cockroaches and Bedbugs, I made video and other cockroaches are everywhere in the kitchen, even in the meals, in the kitchen utensils, in closets, bedroom and toilet, the attention to families with children, because children can eat, cockroaches are everywhere, we plaind owner several times with video, they dispached spray but nothing has changed, because the way they use is not for this kind of infestation, the building is infested in the corridors arou

nd it there's cockroaches, mattresses infested with bedbugs, in one week I saw people moved all throw everything in the trash . Unfortunately they input another tenant without speaking to them of the problem is when you're in the apartment that you realize that your trick, move away from this building.
When I moved in I throw everything, because everything was infests.
February-July 2015

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Definitely bedbugs in this apartment building i got welts on my forehead and as i was moving my stuff upstairs to a different unit i found a bed bug on my bed and the landlord openly admitted to there being a nest of bedbugs and cockroaches in suite 14 and he has yet to get them dealt with i had the health inspector in three times and the day after the third visit my roommate and i found a mouse on the bug trap in our living room..its so creepy crawly in there yuck!!

In apt 14,2 months ago an exterminator came and sprayed the unit everything was washed as requested and on March 1st 2011 I noticed some blood spots on the bedding on March 8 th 2011, I inspected the matress and you could see a new colony of bed bugs. I was wondering what should be done at this point. Please advise

In Edmonton, try calling Sniffer Dog Services Inc.
Bed Bug and Mold Canine Detection Services
780-458-6793. We are more than happy to come in to pinpoint the source of the problem or do follow-up inspections after pest control has sprayed to ensure the bugs have been eradicated. Being an independent Canine inspection service, we offer no conflict of interest reporting.

I've notice bed bugs recently and notify management the same day. and now we are waiting to see if they will do any thing... time to start over again...apt.20-10823-115st

July 15, 2009 Apartment #12 10823 115 Street, Edmonton, AB.

About 2 1/2 months ago(March 2009), my boyfriend noticed some welts on his arm and at first we thought perhaps it was an alergy from something in my apartment as I did not have any of these welts. Then about 2 weeks ago(July 2009), I noticed something crawling on my arm and of course I didn't know what it was until I checked my mattress. The seams were covered in bugs so I checked online and sure enough, it was bedbugs. I have va

cuumed, steamcleaned and washed bedding and my clothes countless times and it still feels like they are crawling on me. My building manager is having my apartment fumigated but I don't think I will ever feel comfortable there again. Now because of this, I will have to get rid of my furniture and my bed as I will also never feel totally comfortable on those items either. I do not blame my building manager, he has actually done everything he can to rectify the issue but I just can not stay there.

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