10740 109 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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I was the one who reported the previous incident in this building. I'm happy to say that management in the building has been very cooperative and proactive with the bed bugs in my apartment, immediately brought in an exterminator and I've been bed bug free for almost a month now.

I had a couple people move in on both sides of me in the past 2 months. About a month ago I noticed bug bites on my body. This morning I found a couple bed bugs in the seam of my couch. I immediately removed the couch cover, vaccuumed the area around and the couch itself and washed the cover in hot water. I have a memory foam mattress, and have inspected that and not found any bugs, thankfully. I have informed building management and I am awaiting an action plan from them.

I think bed bugs h

ave invaded the whole block, I keep seeing matresses thrown out in the back alleyway. Hopefully people are smart enough to try and use them.

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