10728 113 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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Lived here for a year in 2008. Dealt with a bed bug infestation for several months before finally convincing the disbelieving landlord that they were indeed bed bugs (had to use a university identification chart a dead bug to prove it... I didn't bring them in for the record!)

To treat the bugs they spray only affected apartments and seemingly at random. This means the infestation never truly goes away. After over 4 different attempts at fumigating my apartment I left one piece of furniture o

ut of place and the landlord informed me I would have to pay for any further spraying in the building. I then moved out.

In my humble opinion you should STAY AWAY from this horribly run building. Before living there I had never had such a terribly and harrowing experience in my life. I now fear and hate bed bugs.. thanks 10728 113 st!

see full report...

moved in to a building land lords knew they had bed bugs did'nt tell me, for months me and my child had to deal with this, the landlord does not spray whole building just single apartments when they hear about them.

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