10721 117 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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THEY ARE THE WORST. I FIRST MOVED IN ON OCTOBER 2014. I SPENT OBER 3000 on brand new furniture and 800 on a tv , it is not October 2015 I have lived here for exactly a year for the whole 12 months I had a horrible case of bed bugs. Waking up everyday with bites all over my body. Bed bug swimming in my dogs water dish.
The management did not do anything about it until 2 months ago. And I still have a horrible case of bed bugs !! This building in infes

ted really bad. Do not rent from here. I am moving out next week and I had to throw away all my clothes. My brand new 1200 leather couch. My brand new bed and brand new mattresses. All my pillows. Teddy bears and important things from my childhood. I wake up in the middle of the night to bed bugs walking on my neck and chest. All the clothes I have left are in far ages bags to keep the bed bugs away. This is insane to be living like this. And the landlord simply does not care !!! All she cares about is coming to check the apartment before I love out to try and find any reason to keep my deposit when I'm the one who had been living with bed bugs for the last year!!! Wow. And I'm the one who had to throw all my clothes and brand new furniture. Tv ect away ! I pay almost 1000 a month to be living with bugs and waking up covered in bites !!! Do not rent at this building or any other mainstreet building they are horrible and have the worst reputation in Alberta !!!!

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I live here in suite 203 10721 117 street. I have lived here since February of this year ( Mainstreet) never had any issues with bed bugs until now. We are moving end of the month because Mainstreet is the worst rental company you can rent from, for various reasons. We got a letter this week that the whole building is getting treatment for bedbug!!! . We have to move all our furnature up against the wall and bag all
Of our clothes this is crazy! Terrible place to rent DO NOT LIVE HERE OR RENT F

ROM MAINSTREET. My apartment flooded from the suite above me last year and they did nothing until I finally moved out into the suite I'm in now. Beware!

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September 26, 2011

We have been getting bit for about 2 weeks now, but couldn't find any bugs. Tonight my husband went into the bedroom at bedtime, found one running across the pillow. We captured it, will bring it to the landlord tomorrow. Hopefully they will do something asap. I will not let my son live here while we have these bugs.

Previous tenant for this block, second floor. Had 3 repeat infestations between 1996 and 2001. Each time treatment consisted of a can of pesticide given to me by the building manager. Had to wash all clothing and bedding, and steam clean the entire unit. AVOID THIS PLACE.

This whole apartment block has been repeatedly fumigated for bed bugs, and there is still bed bugs, however this apartment block has a high turnover rate for tenants, we are starting wonder if its because its infested with bed bugs and also ants and spiders, we have been biten repeatedly almost daily for the last week...and have captured some bedbugs yesturday and today which we will be showing the landlord asap....and we are paying rent for this...we keep our apartment clutter free and trash fr

ee as well as super clean so its not going to be our fault...to bad its the long weekend...we will be going to the store today for some spray or something to get us through until the landlord does something about it...maybe the landlord should fix the screens too...since every one of them have holes in them...i cant wait till our lease is up we are so out of here if they cant get rid of the bed bugs which is a shame...i like the location and the apartment was reno'd and is spacious...too bad huh..

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