10720 104 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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This building has been infested since I rented with them ten years ago! I got infested mid-move. The infestation was SO bad that bugs were crawling on my in the shower, and literally dozens of them coming out of the walls. When I checked my mattress, I threw up. Management let people move in while they were spraying infested suites without telling them. I will never rent in an apartment building again because of this. I lost most of my furniture because I was moving. Was very careful of wh

at I took with me - inspected everything. And on straggler still followed me. I had Mainstreet spray my new condo twice to ensure it didn't become infested - luckily, no. It was just one straggler.

As I type this, I am starting to scratch. The exp left me with serious stress and anxiety issues over moving. I sued Mainstreet for this and other factors and won enough money for new stuff.

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As of late April 2012 still issues with bedbugs in the building. Landlord's communication on the issue is also very poor, and is not warning specific suites that there is an issue in the building. You don't know there is a problem until you find them in your bed.

I've been getting bites for almost three weeks now. They're all over my face and my arms and I have to face my coworkers now, and I feel like a pariah.. I thought it was just eczema, but then came on here and found out that the building had been recently infested/sprayed for (which OF COURSE I wasn't told when I moved in two months later). Upturned my bed and found some. Turns out the people above and around me are being treated for them today, but I have to wait at least a week..

The entire building was fumigated for BEDBUGS on Aug 4, 2011. How "Convenient" that the resident manager was away during this time. Quite a few neighbors are ending their leases and I don't blame them. Perhaps I should do the same and leave most of my furniture behind.

this building is infested!!! they are everywhere..

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