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I began to notice (what looked like) mosquito bites on my upper arms in early Sept '12. It's a little late for mosquitos, but I didn't put anything together until September 16th, when very early in the morning I noticed a blurry black speck (I'm nearsighted) scurrying across my pillow when I woke up in the middle of the night. When I squished it with my finger, a comparatively huge smear of blood appeared on my pillow. In the morning when I woke up 'for real,' I saw an adult bed bug on my comfor

ter, which I captured on a lint roller. It's now September 21st, and I had my first pesticide treatment on the 19th. I woke up this morning with three bites on my foot, which I gather is okay, because the bugs crawl through the residual pesticide to feed and then die. I haven't located the source of the infestation, and I have not seen any bugs other than those I killed/captured. I have two more treatments scheduled, after which - hopefully - the problem will be dealt with.

My apartment is one of about 20 in my building. I have been told by another resident that at least two or three other (non-adjacent) units in my building have been sprayed within the last week. Luckily, my landlord is paying for treatment, but if it's a widespread problem, I don't know what's going to happen in the future.

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