10615 113 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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I live in apartment 206 at 10615-113 St NW. I've been battling with a bed bug infestation for a number of weeks now except that they are not coming from my place. After spending upwards of $500 (CDN), it's official that I'm not the source of the infestation of the apartment. The caretakers of the building have been great and have notified other tenants adjacent to my suite, but we can't figure out who would be the source and nobody has reported having bed bugs. Well, except for the unit abov

e me who found one bug in their laundry, but since then no activity. I've reported the matter to Capital Health and the landlord has received notice to deal with the problem, but who knows how long that will last and in the meantime I'm dying here. I cleaned and laundered the place to death. I've got some great advice on natural pesticides I can put down in the place and have called in reinforcement(s) - my mother - to help me do another round of super cleaning. I'm hoping that if I can at least maintain a barrier that will keep them out I can start sleeping again for 8 hours and with the lights out.

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