10610 106 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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Same person in Carina here. They sprayed my suite and the suites around and somehow the problem got worse, there are more bugs than before and the exterminators had the balls to leave the windows open. The spray was done on November 2nd and there are still live ones crawling about now. They told me they will come and inspect in "a few weeks"! But that they probably won't be doing a second spray. I am very angry for myself and the amazing people living in this building. Don't move in, you may fin

d yourself with the bugs!

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It is Wednesday, October 20, 2010. Previous to this last thanksgiving weekend I woke up with a small rash on my face. I attributed it to zits. When I came back to my apartment after thanksgiving I got the same "rash" but bigger, and I also had about 7-10 red bumps/bites going up one arm. I started searching and found skins from growing bugs and little infant bed bugs. I searched my place but found no trace of adult bugs, until now! On Monday I found three live adult bed bugs crawling around. I a

m sincerely grossed out. The landlord said she called the exterminator, and I hope they come in soon. I just wanted to warn anyone thinking of coming into this building.

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