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It's now early October of 2012. A couple weeks ago I noticed a few odd bites. When a cluster appeared, I checked the bed and found four bugs in there - two adults and two babies. Killed them all, tossed the bed, and tossed the nearby dresser. We immediately started sleeping in the living room, leaving the bedroom door taped shut except when entering it twice a day to vacuum.

Called the landlord, and he immediately called an exterminator, booking them in at their earliest availability (2 w

eeks from when he made the call). I'm writing this on the same day that they showed up. We haven't gotten any more bites since moving to the living room, and the treatment is now finished. We haven't found any dead bugs, so it looks like I may have killed them all in my initial attack. The heat treatment was done for the whole floor and the one below us (4 floors, we're on the top).

The landlord was great (he even offered to buy special bug covers for our bed), but we didn't find out until after moving that the building has a history with the bugs. After 5 months of living there, we're now moving out because we don't want to risk it all happening again.

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Its started in October 2008, I got a lots of bits but my doctor couldn't find out what was the problem.
I found a bedbug on my sofa in end of October and I reported to my landlord. Who told me that they already treated a couple of suits, but they never told anyone else, that it was a bedbug infestation.
My suit got treated in the beginning of November but not all the suits got treated! I went to my friend place to stay with her for a couple of days, and guess what, I had transfer the bugs to

In mid December I got bitten again and the landlord called the exterminator. Due to a holiday travel and scheduling they could not treat my place before I got back from my vacation.
Yesterday I got bitten again on my face, and they are coming to treat my place this Wednesday.
I don't know if this problem ever going to go away if they don't do the whole apartment building at once. I can not do this anymore, its just a lot of work to clean and pack everything.
Jan 05, 2009

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