10408 92 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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My neighbors are infested with bed bugs
they have a baby that us getting
eaten alive they will only fumigate
2 times incorrectly I have not seen any
in my suite other than 3 one on my sisters clothes after the she showered they were
bagged and thrown away and then we adopted the cat from the neighbors
nit even thinking of their bedbug issues not until one crawl off the cat onto my husband we washed the cat down bleached vacuumed etc haven't seen any since then

First found bed bugs a couple months ago and then again after they already fumigated. Got fumigated recently Oct 14/2014 and they didn't spray down my dresser, my couch or any other furniture. It looks like all the exterminator did was the baseboards. Other suites have been fumigated as well. Preventative measures are not being taken by the management. Lots of people have thrown out their beds!

Building currently has a huge bedbug and cockroach infestation. Landlord spot treats only after complaints.

Reported bedbugs to landlord and they required proof. They treated unit, but did not treat adjacent units. I moved out, and they moved someone in on the same day and did not inform incoming tenant that there was a problem.

No nearby bug reports