10028 106 Ave Nw
Edmonton, AB T5H

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I have made a mistake when I have first moved to Edmonton to rent there back in July 2014. Luckily after few months I have moved still in down town but far from that place. This place is one big bed bug. I wish I have seen this web site when I have first moved to Edmonton. This builing is a disaster, Brian the manager is just there to pick his pay cheque and security what a laugh!! Please people do not ever move there. They cannot even replace a fridge when it breaks down. Thier response was I g

uess you will have to uy new food every day and not to use fridge

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I have been living here for two years now. The building used to be a horrible place to live. crackheads and drunks wandering the halls and bed bugs used to be really bad. Now with the New management and New Security staff that care about their tenants safety and the condition of the building its gotten a lot better and the bedbugs are almost gone now. Half the city has bed bugs though and you can bring home bed bugs from riding on the Bus. I wouldnt say the same thing two years ago though it was

horrible here.

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september 25 2015 i found somthing crawling around my pillow just after i woke up. cought it and keeped it in a glass. looked it up online, yep bed bug. showed it to the land lord and he just gave me a card to call. that was friday. sunday i was gone. lost everything. that was the first time ever dealing with them

I hate to complain but the cockroaches, mice and bedbugs are taking over Capitol Tower!!
Rent-a-cops and Managers do nothing but smoke outside and take smoke breaks. too many minorities bringing in bedbugs through there 20 pound rice bags...pffft

If you rent here you will have a 100 per cent chance of getting bedbugs!!

The management and cleaning staff are dysfunctional and the bedbugs are back!Plus they've raised the rents on these so called suites.
The new management is based out of Calgary and you can't get a hold of them. They all smoke out front
it's despicable apartment building.I cannot wait to move back to Saskatoon less bugs and bums there...Also there's too many criminals riding around on those little "monkey bikes" selling drugs, and the security is oblivious to them.
And there bullies too.

The only thing that could improve this place is the wrecking ball....

I just moved here from Eastern Canada and boy what a shock. The building is so gross. garbage everywhere except down the garbage shoot. Stairwells unsafe, and thugs run the the building the security guy is okay though.
It's hard to live here if your a female, gees I hope I can get into a low rental soon for women. The bugs, drugs and thugs are too much for me.


Bedbug problem still exists at Crappy Tower.
Management, maintenance, and cleaning crew
need to be fired. Only one elevator sill works
Fires and alarms all the time. Crack heads and pot smokers thrive in this environment and they
just keep renting to them. It's the worst run
building in Edmonton! They got over 300,000
from City of Edmonton ad have done very minimal
changes to the building hallways and elevators
are still dank and dirty (only one running).
Brian is the landlady and he

does nothing but rents suites and collects the rent

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The bedbug problem still exists, you
can tell by the amount of mattresses
at the back of the building. Also
they have a problem with maintenance of
the building and there are people who
start fires in their suites on a con
-tinual basis. And the management is
the worst have only been here 3 years
and hope to be moving soon...

This is the worst apartment building in the Edmonton
The Owners Helm Property don't care about the property at all. The hallways are dirty, the elevators are old and filthy and smell, need to be replaced. Theres still a bug problem on most of the floors. The security is a joke they just on their ass they don't do anything accept keep people out of the people and treat the minorities and old tenants like sh*t. Whatever you do don't move here!!

I have recently moved out of Crapital Tower, thank holy f***, but to sum this building up: Bedbugs will never and could never be driven from this place, if you DO move in there is a 100% chance you will have them. Not only that, but the building is completely infested with roaches, mice and crackheads, and violence is a daily occurrence. Many suites have been broken into and the hallways are routinely vandalized. If you move in after reading this, you are a complete moron,.. and good luck... you

will need plenty of it.

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I lived at this place 10/08-11/12 i remember the first night i was ther i had nothin to sleep on so i slept on the floor in front of my little tv.I was bitten 4 or 5 times on the arm i slept on. I went to tell the landlord she looked at me and said f**k that was just the begining the whole 4 years i was ther i foght with mice bedbugs and cockroaches i was surounded by people that didnt care . Please stay clear of this place if you can. when i moved out of ther all i took with me was clothing wic

h i washed twice left everything ther now i live in a beutiful basement suit in a big house just off vic trail verry happy here. capital tower is discusting

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This building is fully infested to the point were mice cochroaches and bed bugs are present they even advertise this to the public on entry mesy place has a cleaning person that only sits in the office have seen building sprayed on weekly basis

I have lived in this building for a couple of months now and heard horror stories about bed bugs from other tenants.
Recently I have found out what they mean. Alberta Health has come and inspected the building and we received a notice about bedbug, roach and mice infestation.
Pest control did come and treated every apartment but I do not think they have done a very good job since that was over a week ago and I have recently started to see bedbugs again!!
If you have any choice stay away from

this building. There are other bachelor sized apartments in the city that you can get for the same price (some cheaper) without the bug problems (and without the horrible neighbourhood).

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Dec. 24/08

I have lived in this building at 10028-106 ave a few years and have witnessed that lately
their is a major bedbug and cockroach problem in this building, they have now called in pest control guys but it doesn't seem to be doing much good.
The management made people throw out infested bedding and furinture and if you didn't do
exactly as they said they would stick another dirty notice under your door,some of the stuff was in fairly good shape but out it went. The
landlord is

very appathetic to her tenants and
very rude and mean and her maintenance staff is a joke. I will soon be looking for another place
to live in February 2009

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