11919 101 St Nw
Edmonton, AB T5G

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The owners finally showed up on Nov. 14th/08 to inspect. The owner mei was very rude to my daughter told her her place to was too messy to inspect. Daughter told her that she was told to put everything in the middle of the room and to take everything out of the bottom cupboards for spraying last Friday, what did she expect the a bachelor suite would look like after that. Woman was very rude tried to make my daughter say she got the bugs from her brother and that he should pay for the spraying. W

ell after another call to the health board and a trip to the Landlord and tenant advisory board I left another message. Let Mei know that she could threaten all she liked, could get the kids to sign what ever she liked, but we know what the rules are and I was about to hold true to my word to make her life a living hell until she did something about these bugs. So now we have been told that it could be sprayed sometime around the 20th FYI AN ADULT BED BUG LAYS 4 EGGS PER DAY............YOU DO THE MATH.Might have to have the matress delivered to the owners office soon.

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We indeed went to the office and Ms Mei Fang was not in the office, but did agree to meet with me if I would wait for her. I decided to pick up one of the kids at work so they could meet with her to. The accountant went and got her while we made ourselves comfortable in their appolstered chairs. We were then taken to a board room very close to where we had been sitting. I asked Mei why she had not taken us to her office and she gave us the excuse that her office was too small. I told her right o

ff the bat that I was there to get a date when they would be spraying the building and she really didn't seem to concerned or care a great deal that her tenants had been living with problem since Nov.2/08 and it was now the 13th. She was pretty rude and me being fed up with the whole situation told her that I would be making her life a living hell until that building was sprayed. She then decided that we should leave so I had my daughter take her jacket off and I told her to give it a good shake. Mei started to back up and was yelling at me why would you do that and told me it wasnt nice.She said she was going to evict my daughter and would be in court in the morning. We told her to go ahead. I also told her to watch her mail because she would never know when some might have a little enclosure and reminded her that she would have to wonder now ever time she went into that boardroom. Well Mei did call a resident manager, immediately after we left.She was going to inspect that mattress and the building will my be sprayed on Monday on the 17th hopefully. Next time I will go with live ammo, so I hope they stick to their word.

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Bed bugs were reported to the landlord on Nov. 1/08.The owners of the building (Trans Global Inv. Group) said they would have someone out there to inspect on the Wednesday Nov.5/08 the tenants were then told the building would be sprayed on Friday Nov 7/08.Tenants were told to move everything 2 feet from the walls and to take all food from their bottom cupboards.They were supposed to be there between 10am and 3pm. No one came to spray and no one inspected. When Mei Fang at Trans Global Inv. was

called she denied that they were to spray, could not give a date when they would be and hung up on a tenant. Subsequent calls to the on site landlord and to the Owners have gone unanswered. Since the calls have gone unanswered I will be visiting their offices this afternoon located at 700, 10339- 124th street. if there are in fact people working there we will be saving them the trouble of inspecting and will be taking a sample of bed bugs to the office. We feel that this would save time inspecting and maybe they could get right to the spraying.

Wendy Graham Parent of 2 tenants living in this building. Contact me at [email protected]

If anyone wants verification that this is in fact an infested building check the mattress outside the building that they continue to breed in.

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