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I dont have them yet either (knock on wood) but i am not happy with boardwalk!! Everything about them has just been a night mare. I had recently purchased a $10 000 bed as it HAD a life time warrenty and was all natural, no glues, or chemicals... now that the bed bugs have spread... we had to have our apartment sparyed... and of course they spray your bed.... well there goes the purpose of having an all natural bed.. it has just been ruined by these chemical and my warenty is gone because of the

chemicals and no way in hell will boardwalk pay for a new bed! And yes I agree about the garbage pickers, you want to have a nice building and a nice living environment, yet they let these people live there on subsidized housing.. there are places that accomidate to that! NOT happy.

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Sept 08, There are other boardwalk apartments around us who were infested by bed bugs, we advised the buidling manager that maybe they should do treatments on all the buildings so it doesnt spread, they blew us off and said they wont spread to our building. What happens?? THEY SPREAD TO OUR BUILDING. I dont have any, and i cross my fingers that i dont get any as im moving in a month. They say that it usually come from people picking out of the garbage..... the only thing is, they know who is pic

king out of the garbage and do NOTHING about it.
They have come in and done two treatments already and I hear its not getting any better. Atleast 10 people in our building have it and its only a 3 story walk up.
The only thing is the treatments dont always work, and if you dont get them out with the sray you HAVE to throw out your furniture or else its just goin to be a consistant problem. Doesnt healp that people are STIL picking out of the garbage and management does NOTHING!!!!!! im so disgusted

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