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A couple of years ago we moved from an apt. that was seriously infested with bed bugs. When we originally moved in we had no furniture but had bought 3 bedroom suites,dishes,bedding and towels. I was in the process of looking and buying both a living room suite and a kitchen suite. We had also purchased a computer desk and a filing cabinet.All the aforementioned items were purchased new.

Two weeks after moving in I had been working at my computer desk very late one night. The following morn

ing I woke,went to the bathroom and upon looking in the mirror I near went into shock.I had felt itchy around my neck and other parts of my anatomy but when I looked in the mirror I near went into shock. My entire neck was covered with big bumps and one huge rash. I opened my shower robe and my entire body was covered.

It was then I recalled that the night before while working at the computer desk I noticed some sort of very dark brown bug on the collar part of the robe.I took it between my fingers and squished it not having any idea what it was.Blood had squirted out.Being a farm girl at one time this sort of thing didn't phase me.I wondered if while I was looking in the mirror,if it were possible that this little brown bug could have been responsible for what looked like a skin disease all over my body - neck,legs,rearend and yes other unmentionable places.Impossible I thought.

I had to go to the rental office that day and while talking to the girls there I mentioned and did show them my skin condition. They were shocked or so I thought. No mention or reference to bed bugs was ever made by them.

I went to the Docter very concerned and stressed right out - what the hec had hapened to me I wondered.Even the Doctor couldn't figure it out and by this time the pin hole marks in the deep welts/bumps that were three by three inches around were weeping with a clear fluid.The itch was unberable.The Doctor did confirm an allergic reaction but claimed he didn't know from what.He speculated about some causes but never bedbugs.

Several days later I happened to talk with some of my neighbours and they started talking about bedbugs.I wondered, is this what I squished that night at the computer desk? I still had no idea what a bedbug looked like nevermind what they could do.It was at this time my curiosity was tweeked so back to the computer desk to Google bedbugs. I was disturbed by the information I had discovered - especially by what seemed the lack of concern by other property managers and the like.It was also at this time I remembered seeing a news report on bed bugs and a fellow they had interviewed for this exerpt.The poor man had bought all new furniture and was having to throw it all out.Anyhow I healed up after a miserable two and a half weeks.

In the meantime I found more of these 'bugs'and was able to capture them in a container.I did this for just over a week and came down with another rash.Off to the office I went to share my prized catches......and second rash with the welts.There was no doubt in my mind now what my family and I were dealing with.I was also given information by other tennants that they had been spraying repeatedly for the last two years for bed bugs.I was not informed by the management of this and as it would turn out they knew what my rash was and that my apartment and all the other apartments around me were infested.

This began a round of dissagreements with them and the company not to mention the exterminators themselves.This went on for two years.Our apartment was sprayed two and three times a month for this time.We were always ready.We followed ALL the procedures for the day of the spraying.It was during this time that I noticed not only was our apt.not being sprayed appropriately neither was anyone elses.The hallways and stairwells were not done and neither was the laundry rooms.I fought a hard fight and was eventually evicted - troublemaker.A single mum with children and I was expected to expose my children to these chemicals regularly.I had to take time off work for these sprayings and eventually lost my job.One of my children is special needs and the stress in this entire two years was astromical.

In the end we were forced to not only leave the apartment but all our belongings had to stay behind.

Wonderful thing when one is fifty and has young children to support and again when one of those children is special needs and they knew this, losing my job over this fiasco starting over at fifty..................last I heard animals are not supposed to be treated this inhumanely.I empathize with everyone that is suffering from this predicament. Thank you to the bedbug registery for this site.

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