4503 73 St Nw
Calgary, AB T3B

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There was a report to the landlady of a bedbug siting at some point earlier in the year. I found them in my apartment in January of 2009, only a few. but they kept coming back.

Then on the 29th of March a long time tenant on the second floor moved out and his mattress was covered in them. Completely covered in them and he dragged them through the halls and stairs.

I reported it to the landlady and she said she had only heard about them once but didn't think there was an issue, and reporte

d it to the owners.

then i talked to her today (March 30, 2009) and she found signs of bedbugs in her Apt as well (on the third floor.

Which confirms the issue is building wide. Some of the other tenants on the second floor have been notified and there supposedly are plans to fumigate the second floor, but now it looks like it may require the entire building to be done.

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