6707 Elbow Dr Sw
Calgary, AB T2V

Found 4 reports:

January 29, 2012.
Quote from Alberta Health and Wellness dated THIS week.

"Regarding disclosure by landlords, there is currently no provincial law requiring them to disclose bedbug information to potential tenants. The expectation is that landlords provide truthful responses."

Isn't it WONDERFUL that they expect the landlord to be honest when accepting new rental applications?

We just moved there in sept. got a notice last week there coming to spray the appt.. I wish I has known before we moved in that they a problem with bedbugs...

Rental inquiry this week ( Oct 18) States no problems.
Can anyone update this news that lives in the building?
Are there still problems?
THank you.

I live in the apartment building here and my roomate found them in his bed. The building was evacuated for 2 weeks about 3 months prior to finding them in his room. We were informed by management that there were multiple cases reported since the residents had been let back in and it was assumed that they came from one of the hotels where all the residents were put up.

No nearby bug reports