1735 26 Ave Sw
Calgary, AB T2T

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I lived in this apartment for about 6 months. Fortunately for me havent had a bed bug problem. But I did get cockroaches. Starting July 2011, my suite was exterminated, and my suite alone. They came back 30 days later, the landlord made me wait 3 weeks before he even called an exterminator. But this time they never left. I finally moved out end of october. Cockroaches still in full effect. These cockroaches were coming from other suites. The whole building in infested with bugs and other problem

s. If I was someone thinking about moving in here, dont!!

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MAINSTREET ARE THE WORSE..... You can CALL THE BOSS at this number 403-829-0095

824-13AV SW
Calgary AB
In regards to "The Bedbug Registry" & 1735-26AV SW
"Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite"
Where did this saying come from?
Unfortunately people are slowly but surely finding out? another mark?...
Because of no information in our generation, it seems a lot of people are starting to learn about this re-infestation of these little vamps.
Education is needed and the stigma & pointing the fingers do not let these culprits get away.
With a nightmare of events and determi

nation I hope it is over.Same thing... cleaning, vaccuming, discarding of furniture,clothes,carpet,base boards, wall outlets,things on the balcony or in a rented storage in plastic bags,food,and friends,etc.
(once again-stigma).Yes christmas was fun!
Landlords don't know & then there is a
'god forbid' cost,& denial.
After research & determination for our own minds
we took action: C.H.R.,Lawyer,& Media -then court
We can actually sleep now without bug nightmares.
Now we are moving,with peace.
It should not be a tough move since we have next to nothing left but our dignity.

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1735-26 Ave SW Calgary Alberta
Started in July, 2007.

I started to see little black ink spots on my sheets. I got terrible rashes, apparently I'm allergic to bed bug bites. I caught a bug, looked it up, and was freaked out. I went crazy, threw out my bedding, scrubbed everything including the carpet with bleach, bought a metal bed frame, and vaccum every single day, as soon as I get up. I haven't seen a bug or had a bite in two months, so I won. But, I am not getting lazy...I still vacc

um every single day, wash my bedding every week, and have my mattress covered in a waterproof cover.
What had happened, was the bottom floor apt was treated for bugs, but not the rest of the building. I guess the bugs migrated into the other suites. As the whole building is not treated at once, they are moving from apt to apt.
I may have won, but others in my building aren't doing so well. More public education is needed, as I didn't know what the heck they were until I looked it up. And I read the whole country is infested...today, a co-worker came to me clearly very upset, and told me she is over-run with bed bugs. She didn't know what they were either, or how to take care of them, and she let them get really bad. Nobody really knows about them, because everyone is too ashamed to talk about it. We need public information, in detail, on the news or some other accessable media. The public needs to be informed.

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