1005 Cameron Ave Sw
Calgary, AB T2T

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We've now just had 2 sprayings for bed bugs in 2 months. My apartment has no bugs but since this problem has been going on since 2009 (from the reports), I'm guessing the spraying doesn't do anything except making the apartments smell and full of chemicals.

The building is always infested. They travel down the halls and through the heating pipe holes between apartments Irene & Mark are doing a terrible job only half ass fumigating 1 or 2 suites at a time I am disgusted the way they treat theyre teants, but when the 1st of the month rolls around, they sure have no problems promising you what you need ,to get what they want - [email protected]

i am extremely upset I wasn't warned when I moved in but after my apartment was infested I found out from neighbour

s that it's a common occurrence there.

My apt was infested twice and I moved 6 months ago but I still have friends in the building and one's apt was treated just last week!!!


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If you guys need some help with this problem call me at 403-688-8201

There is only one way to tell if the bed bugs are gone, you need a trained K9 to come in and inspect the premises. If you would like more information, or to set up monthly inspections, please contact 403 710 3123

From there, heat is the best way to get rid of these buggers.

Hello, this is mark, I'm the building manager for 1005 since 1996. This is the first time that I have seen it. I apologize for all the inconvenience. This issue has been rectified. We had hired a pest control co. in sep, 2009. The whole building and all interior spaces has been sprayed with dragnet. To ensure fully extermination, the whole building was done again on Nov, 2009. I'm happy to report that we have been pest free since. I welcome any inquires or if you wish, you may verify the above

with any tenant who resides at the building. Thank you!

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Pls if you are looking for a place to call home save yourself and not rent here in 1005 cameron avenue run by Mark and Irene. there is an infestation of bed bugs in this apartment that just goes back and forth. after 3 sprays of insecticide the bugs are still there and I think that they are immune to insecticides because I've been talking to some of the tenants and they have this problem for so long that the management just keeps on taking lightly. by spraying by themselves.

pls don't be her

e. save it... look somewhere else....

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On July 29 2009 I found many adult bed bugs crawling in my living room at Unit 4 1005 Cameron Ave SW Calgary Alberta. I called the landlords the following morning to report the bugs only to be told that they were aware there was a bug problem and had sprayed a few units BY THEMSELVES upstairs. So basically they moved the problem from one apartment into another. I was not about to leave to problem up to them and demanded an exterminator be hired that day. My unit was exterminated but the bugs

simply moved down the hall. Now the apartment down the hall has been sprayed so I expect they are back in my old apartment or somewhere else in the building. These landlords refuse to take accountability and deal with the problem in a professional way. I would never rent in any building run by this management again.

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3123 24th Ave N.W.
Moved in May 5th
Castle Hall Room 217-C

The chair was infested with bed bug eggs and the corners of the bed posts had feces from the bed bugs.

I only saw two bed bug corpses, one on the desk and one in my lap top.

When I moved out there was one in my tennis racket.

Dec \'08-present time. Starlight Tower.

Bedbugs were treated by a professional, but have since returned.
Do not know where they came from, or about other residents.

Moving out because of it.

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