333 17 Ave Sw
Calgary, AB T2S

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This place has never been clean.even in 2000.
I lived there then and had friends go there threw the years and nothing but complaints.
All the company did then was put lipstick on a pig and so did recent management.

Do not be fooled. There are bedbugs in this place. I lived in the building. I got out before my unit was infested. My neighbors were constantly complaining and I was getting repeated notices to wash and pack up all of my stuff and leave so they could spray all the time. Phone the health inspectors!!! They are familiar with this problem and the many others that this building has. Not to mention all of the other properties owned by this company.

As the property manager for this building at 333 17th ave SW we do not have any bedbugs
If a tenant brings in Bedbugs we spend hundreads of dollars to kill them with an extermination company.
all my tenants are very happy and since i live in the building I woudnt want bedbugs in my place
Bed bugs can be found anywhere and we do not want them in our buildings ever, it is the tenants responsability to let us know and we take care of it immediately
There is 0 cases of bed bugs in this building

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Hi, Im doing a story on bed bugs, how to get rid of them and what your rights are if you are renting and have them. If anyone is willing to tell me their story, please email me at [email protected]

I had bed bugs this year in June 2010. I was not told as well. :(

This building was featured on the news in June 2010. However, the building has had this problem for several years. I found out only because my neighbour posted a note (which management tore down very quickly). I moved before my unit became infested. Units on the 4th and 5th floors had them when I moved out last year. Management do not tell the residents or anyone viewing units about this problem or any other health violations.

I just heard about this from a tenant last night in the laundry room so google became my friend. How nice of the landlord to NOT mention any of this when I was viewing units.

I have reciently learned that this entire appartment is infested with bedbugs; I know of a number of suites, located widely appart, that have been sprayed, but the exterminator informed us that they will be back because they are spreading through the walls of the appartment. The building managers are only dealing with this problem per reporting suite and are not inspecting neighboring suites. They are also not informing other tenants of the infestation. This problem will not be solved if the bui

lding managers continue to be this careless.

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I reside in the building. My unit does not have any yet. Several months ago my neighbour advised me that her unit on the fourth flour was being sprayed.

We would wake up around dawn to find a multitude of these critters crawling all over us. WE were'nt sure what they were at first. With a few hours of research we put a match to bed bugs. They were coming from behind base boards, electrical outlets, cracks, inside our duvet cover, and our boxspring and mattress. We had insomnia for quite a few nites, not wanting to fall asleep and get bit. A treatment was done in 512, but not the adjoining suites. Regardless we vaccated the premises for three wee

ks before moving, and threw out couch and mattress. We still found carcasses and one that was alive when we went back to extract our belongings for the last time.

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