909 7 Ave Sw
Calgary, AB T2P

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Roaches and bedbugs are constantly getting into the apartment from outside, even after full proper treatment is done. I never had them in my live before. Management is very argumentative and willing only to do the treatment and does not want to reimburse me for the cost of very thorough cleaning that has to be done after treatment, cause otherwise the apartment would be poisonous to live in.

Encountered bedbugs in July. The management Diana Woods blamed us for having it in our luggage and bringing it into the building. Van in the front office below didn't do any pest control for a month and only when we reported to a health inspector and also found out from a previous tenant that he had similar problems; did they slyly own up that they had this problem previously. We had to trash all our furniture and many bedsheets clothes as we have a small kid. There was no compensation. Other ap

artments in the building have similar problems. Looks to me like the bed bugs are spreading in the whole building (multi storeyed 34 floor building).

If the management is so negligent to respond to reports there is no solution. There is no solution to bed bugs anyways. The hallways don;t get any sunlight as well and are damp. Perfect breeding ground.

Renter beware.

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Had bites before, did some research on the internet and suspected bed bugs. Captured a bed bug on Nov 30, 2011. Pest Control is doing treatment on December 6 so hopefully everything will work out. Management so far has been quick to respond and helpful.

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