700 9 St Sw
Calgary, AB T2P

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I'm suffering from bed bugs during my living in Calgary.
I live in 8st SW and reported this problem to the building office, just a company came in my apartment and did not do anything effectiveness.
Just I was asked clean my apartment regularly and ask them to come back for investing more.

Hi, Im doing a story on bed bugs, how to get rid of them and what your rights are if you are renting and have them. If anyone is willing to tell me their story, please email me at [email protected]

I caught a bed bug in my apartment on the 20th floor in January 2011. I put the bug in a ziploc bag and took it to the office.
5 days later my apartment was sprayed for bedbugs, and they will respray again after 10 days to 2 weeks, to kill any eggs that may have hatched.
This has been a lot of work ... cleaning, vacuuming, washing clothes and bedding ....
I hope that after all the work I´m doing I won´t have this problem again. It has cost me lots of time, stress and money.

As soon as I moved in, I started getting red itchy welts. I saw a doctor because of it - never having bites like this before. Didn't think too much of it and was taking loads of antihistamines until I was sitting in the apartment and found a horrible little creature on my sweater. Scooped it up, put it in a Ziplock bag with air (so I could observe it) and did some research on the internet. Nasty creature turned out to be a bedbug. I would stay as far away from this building as possible!! Stay Aw


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I had a confirmed case of bed bugs on the 19th floor of this building. After Boardwalk was notified, they came to spray within the week. Many other units were being sprayed at the same time. The problem is that while tenants are throwing away infected furniture, clothing, etc, other tenants are bringing the infested items back into the building. There has been many memos sent out to tenants explaining what the problem is with doing this, but many are disregarding the notices.

Boardwalk ha

s been covering the costs and have been nothing but understanding and prompt with my concerns.

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1 unit on the upper floors of O'Neil Tower was infected July or August 2008. Boardwalk, the owner, had the suite sprayed and the tenants threw away their infested bed. Another tenant removed the bed from the dumpster and took it to their suite on an unknown floor. The status of that infestation is unknown. The first tenant's infestation spread to the couch and baseboards where live bugs could be readily observed. The bugs also spread to at least 2 other suites adjacant to the first. Boardwalk st

ill has not addressed the problem.

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