3524 31 St Nw
Calgary, AB T2L

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The Apartment Bldg is called Brentview Towers

Bed bugs found on 15th floor. For a period of time I was covered in small insect bites, while my husband didn't have a single trace of bite marks. At first I assumed it was an allergic reaction, until one eve before going to bed I noticed a large "red/brown" bug, followed by another, and another... We tossed out the entire bed, box, headboard, etc. (only later to find out that this is not the right thing to do, due to spreading issues, but a lot of ppl were doing it anyway!). We basically str

ipped the whole room, put all clothing into plastic bags, got rid of clutter, placed double sided carpet tape along all base boards in the WHOLE appt. Most impt thing to do is move all furniture AWAY from the walls. We also purchased an air mattress. I think the bugs have difficulties climbing up the bottom plastic side of the air mattress. For a number of months, I have not had any bites!! AND I am not getting a new bed until I move out - so I'm fine with sleeping on an air mattress. At least now, I can sleep!

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Bedbugs initially found on fourth floor back in March; now (September) have reached tenth floor.

I found some bites on my arms, and shoulder. Went to see a doctor, on April 9th and was diagnosed with scabies. I was told that I had to clean my apt and all the beddings and the floor, so I started with the bedroom and found so many big and little bedbugs. Told the building manager and they are still working on it.

I am sleeping on the couch in my apt and there are no more bites but I am sure they will find the couch soon. My 2000$ bed set is now in vertical position.

I washed every piece

of clothing that I have and put it plastic bags and put them in balcony.

Life sucks now basically.

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We live on the fourth floor. I had a mysterious itchy rash for about a month, but no clue what it was; four doctors and a blood test later, still no idea. Found a bedbug on the floor a little over the week ago (March 21), told the landlord, and ended up staying on a friend\'s couch because I\'m afraid to go to sleep in my own bed; despite moving me bed away from all walls, disassembling/cleaning it, vacuuming 3 times/day, putting my bed legs in jars with petroleum jelly, surrounding my bed legs

with double sided tape, enclosing my mattress/pillow in a vinyl cover, and getting rid of my sheets/comforter, I still wake up covered in bites. Exterminator coming this week; am told will also do the floor above and below.

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