6452 Travois Cres Nw
Calgary, AB T2K

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OH MY GOD!!!!!

I am shocked to read this........

I live in this building as well, we were treated for bed bugs in oct. 2008!!!

I am positive that the building is infested......the land lady blamed me for bringing them in!!! No one I know has this problem and we dont travel. When she gave me the paper work their was a previous date for spraying on that sheet that was crossed out and it was for the E building!!!!

We vaceteed our appartment for almost a whole month while it was being

sprayed, washed every piece of clothing, bedding, etc!!! I spent a whole week cleaning my appartment after 3 weeks of vacating.. Then brought my baby home and believed it was safe to bring her home...

We had not had any bites for a couple of months and know their back..... I am a super clean person.

I believe all that we can do is to move and through away all of our furniture..

I have had plastic coverings on my bed and pillows and have not gotten bites in bed... They are in my living room too!!!!

I can not belive the landlord hasnt contacted me about this.. I was not impressed about the effert made on their part I asked her to make sure that the other units were inspected as well before we came home.....

They even told me when we came back that the bug guy said they wernt bed bugs and that she was waiting for the lab results back!!!!!!

That was the last time I talked to her.

I will be speaking to her tommorow thats for sure!!!

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I live in an apartment building, and apparently another tenant has had bugs for a while. But perhaps to some inexperienced bug contol managemt by the rental company, it has spread. My apartment was sprayed about 3 weeks ago, and voila I am getting new bites this week, there is a new spray sceduled next week. But I have just found today that they are now inmy couch,sheesh.

I am nrevous that this problem will never really be solved, and that I may have to throw out all my furniture.

good luu

ck to all!!!!

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