3904 Centre A St Ne
Calgary, AB T2E

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I went to court and was accused of bringing bed bugs..This landlord is a really bad person...a so called slumlord!!!!I won $200 dollars from Paul Sidhu and his son Robby Sidhu..People beware!!!

I was living in this apartment until April 2008, when I had decided to move to a place closer to work and my child's school. I had already moved half of my belongings to the new address when I ran into the neighbor across the hall and he said he was sick of these awful bed bugs. This was the first time I had heard of this and was shocked. Apparently he had reported it to our landlord; my friend, 6 months prior.
Unfortunately he did not understand the situation and told no one, nor did he f

umigate. When I told him. He basically said "good luck".

Now we are in December the same year and we moved the bed bugs with us. I had already said I had moved half my belongings to the new address and even after throwing out our beds, and living room suite we are still battling these things. Shortly after we discovered this situation, my son started showing bites. We seemed to of kicked them after 4 fumigations until a week ago, when my son showed 40 bites on his face and neck. Luckily our new landlord is understanding and helpful. I just wish their was more proactiveness from my previous landlord in addition to information so that this never would have happened to us.

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