32 Radcliffe Cres Se
Calgary, AB T2A

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Today is Nov. 17 2010. I have bed bugs in my apartment and i'm losing all of my belongings because of it!! Plus, because I have no choice but to move I'm being hit with a penality fine for breaking the lease ! Think i need to see a lawyer!! My neighbours say the whole complex is infested!

there is bed bugs at number 17 40 radcliffe cresent
the matress are outside and still have not been picked up
i told them as i am a concerned neighbour and was told that they need proof before they do anything

The 6100 building is completely infested. At the time of this writing there are 3 units that I have spoken with personally that are dealing with an infestation. This has been an ongoing problem in this building dating back to 2008.

Boardwalk does not spray the entire building, so the problem just continues to move back and forth between units.

other buildings in the 32 Radcliffe Crescent and 44 Radcliffe Crescent are also affected.

Due to the unfortunate fact that I am disabled and unable to move, I am not able to provide my apartment number.

In spring of 2008, a friend of mine who lives in the building connected to this one, told me she had a case of bedbugs, that had been caused due to a neighboring apartment having bed bugs. The neighbors threw their mattress out, and it was left outside the building for a month before maintinance finally had it removed from the property.

My friend lived with the problem for mo

nths, with Boardwalk telling her it was her responsibility to get rid of the bugs and assume the cost for removal. I did some research for her, and found out that even though Boardwalk puts that clause in their lease, that it is illegal, and is up to the property owner to take proper action against infestations. Finally after many months, someone was finally sent to spray her apartment. The problem, of course, being that they did not treat the rest of the building, or even notify the other tenants that there was such an infestation.

So, now fast forward to around October, 2008. I notice my cat playing with something on my carpet, I go to check it out and sure enough it was a bed bug. I immediately checked my son for marks, stripped and checked our beds (which were and still are clean) and bagged all our clothes for laundering. Next I put the bug (alive) in a jar, and took it to the leasing office. They told me they would have someone contact me as soon as possible.

I have since placed numerous calls to the leasing office, as well as Boardwalk Customer Service about the problem, and still have yet to see or hear from an exterminator regarding this issue. I have since seen 3 more bed bugs, all but one on my carpet...the last one to be seen, was creepily sitting on my son's pillow, when I went to put him to bed.

I have put in another call to Customer service and very sternly told them something needed to be done ASAP, and the woman assured me someone would be calling me today, so we'll see.

I am also going to be anonymously, slipping notes under all the neighbor's doors, letting them know there is a problem in the building and they should be contacting Boardwalk and letting them know they would like their apartments investigated and treated as well. I feel that this is the only way this building will be free of the bugs...since Boardwalk doesn't seem to care as much as they should.

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