Banff Ave
Banff, AB T1L

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My girlfriend and I ended up with a bug problem from the King Edward Hotel, Banff Ave, Banff (room 303).

After arriving there on the 20th of January 2013, we found more and more bites each night. We confirmed the problem on the 5th of February and moved out on that day.

We have since cleaned all our gear twice, and since infested at least one other other room, which was confirmed by a bug specialist. Along with the damaged gear from the wash cycles, it has become a serious thorn in our si

de for this working holiday

After a few emails, the hotel manager maintains they are not from his hotel, but I am positive they are, given our history and the timing of the problem.

Obviously I am disappointed with his attitude Particularly given there are several more bed bug reports on trip advisor, indicating that our story has occurred before.

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