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October 2,2014
I got a two bed room, 205. In the down stairs we noticed a bunch of matresses in plastic and when we went up stairs my girlfriend amd father were talking about bed bugs joking around, so I said ya there probobly in your bed. I went to the washroom came out and my dad was poking something underneeth the first blanket but thought it was fluff I took a flashlight and realised it was moving. I immiadiatly looked up bedbugs and it looked identical. My gf and dad went down stairs while

I looked to see if other people had similar experiences. When they came back up after speaking with the manager they told me he said the room was free of charge and we could stay at one of a couple hotels they owned. Afterni expressed my rage he made a call I went to a couple other hotels and said look have you had bed bedbugs recently and they aaid yes within the last year I am now riding as a pasenger at 2 am to the closest next town grrrrr.

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Feb 3, 2011, Room 207, Chateau Jasper, Jasper ALberta, I (biologist) collected bedbug found on back of pillow that was placed on the floor. Finally remembered I had this specimen 2 weeks later and got identification done by entomologist at University of ALberta.

did not see any other insects or have any bites. Am really hoping none came home with me but do not know. Is it too late to try to remember what clothes may have been impacted and wash them?

**I tried to list this on your hotel listing but the site wouldn't let me.**

This bed bug encounter occurred in Room 232 at the CHATEAU JASPER IN JASPER, ALBERTA, CANADA on April 18,19 2008. Their website claims they have 'luxury guest rooms' but you may have many unwanted guests in your room as well!!!

Several members of our family were staying there that weekend (as we do every year at that hotel) and I discovered many itchy welts developing late Saturday afternoon after our first night

. I didn't know what was causing them until I went to bed very late Saturday night. My partner and her daughter were already sleeping in the other bed. Instead of going straight to sleep I decided to read a book for a few minutes. Within about 10 minutes I noticed a large bedbug crawling across the other pillow and at first thought it to be a ladybug or something. I then lifted my head off of the pillow and noticed several smaller ones under my arm. I quickly recognized them since I had a bedbug experience many years previous in a hotel in Lethbridge, Alberta and once in a hotel in Chicago.

I told the front desk staff (this was at 1:45 AM) and with their reaction of horror and disgust they immediately gave us a different room.

I then had to wake up my partner and her daughter and tell them that we were moving rooms in the middle of the night. The room they gave us didn't have bed bugs but it was in pretty rough shape as far as cleanliness went. This hotel is in desperate need of renovation and after reading about bedbugs it is clear why they like this place. It has old '80's style thick pile rug, big wooden headboards fastened to the wall and built in bedframes fastened to the floor.

We were going to stay one extra night but quickly ditched that plan. I left my business card with the front desk to have the manager call me but by noon Monday there was still no call. I called the Jasper Health Authority who immediately went and checked out the room and gave me a verbal report 2 days later of finding the bedbugs in the room.

In the meantime I called the manager and she denied that they had any bedbugs and said they couldn't find any. They admitted it after they had a report from the Jasper Health Authority.

The hotel refunded the money for the room but would do nothing else for compensation.

This encounter left all 3 of us itching for several weeks with large red welts. I had over 50 bites on my arms, neck, face, chest and back.

Next time we will be much more careful where we stay and will thoroughly check out the room before staying.

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