Super 8 Thermopolis
166 Us Highway 20 S
Thermopolis, WY 82443-9403

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On the 13th of July I noticed I had bug bites around my ankles behind my knees and on my neck. I thought nothing of them. On the 14th of July I noticed I had a lot more bites on my ankles and behind my knees when I woke up. The same the thing on the morning of the 15th of July. On the morning of the 15th I went to work for 8 hours and came back to my hotel room at the Super 8 room 218 which I have stayed in since May 1 2013. I got in the shower and noticed behind my knees where purple and all b

it up I then went to the ER where I seen the doctor. They looked at my bites and I went on telling the Doctor there had been other people I work with that have been bit my Bed Bugs and one of the guys caught a bed bug. So the Doctor took my blood to check if I have gotten a infection which came back neg. then the Doctor came back and said he cant say they are Bed Bug bites but they look like it to him.

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